How to install FF in Ubuntu Linux?

FF (FireFox) is the default browser in almost all Linux systems including Ubuntu, however, if you don’t have it already then here is the article to install FF in Ubuntu Linux.

Firefox is one of the oldest browsers around, the Mozilla Foundation developed it, and is the best in the open-source category to provide not only a good browsing experience but speed and security as well. With the help of hundreds of add-ons, the browser’s capabilities can be extended easily on all the major supported desktop operating systems including Ubuntu.

Let’s see the steps for installing Firefox your Ubuntu desktop machine.

Step 1: Update Ubuntu Package Repository

Open your Ubuntu Desktop command terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T or searching for “Terminal” in the Dash. and run the system update command given in this step. This will update the package repository and ensure you have access to the latest version of the packages.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Step 2: Install Firefox (FF) on Ubuntu Linux

We can use the system default APT package manager that uses the Transitional package, which means it will download the SNAP package to install FireFox on our Ubuntu Linux.

sudo apt install firefox

To give your permission, provide your password, type ‘Y‘, and press Enter key.

Step 3: Launch Firefox

There are two ways to launch the Firefox browser one is using the Command terminal and the other via the Applications list. So, click on the Activities menu given in the Taskbar and then search for Firefox. Alternatively, you can also use the FireFox shortcut icon that appears on the Ubuntu Dash after completing the installation.

Launch Firefox

Those who want to use the command terminal, simply type the given command.

Installing FF in Ubuntu Linux

Step 4: Alternate Snap command to APT (optional)

If you prefer to use the SNAP command for installing the Firefox browser, which is an alternate distribution method for Firefox, then can use the Snap package manager command. Just execute the given syntax in your terminal and you will be done.

sudo snap install firefox

For authentication and to allow the snap to install software enter your password when it asks for it.

Step 5: Updating Firefox

It is quite essential to ensure your browser is up to date so that your privacy and security won’t be compromised. So, to install the latest available security patches and features you can use the system’s APT package manager Update or Snap refresh command, we have mentioned both below:

Using APT:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Using Snap:

sudo snap refresh firefox

Firefox Uninstallation

Maybe you haven’t liked Firefox and want to install Chrome on Ubuntu, if that is the case you would definitely like to remove FF from Ubuntu, here is the command to do that.

sudo snap remove firefox


I am sure after following the steps and commands given in this tutorial you will have FireFox or FF installed in your Ubuntu Linux. And it will work on Ubuntu 20.04, 22.04, and other latest versions.

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