9 Best Arch Based Distros with GUI for 2023

Rebornos best Arch based Linux

If you are already familiar with Linux working and want to brush up your skills further then try out Arch Linux. There are a handful of Linux distributions with a Graphical user interface based on Arch Linux available to download, and some of the best …

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How to install .Net Core on Manjaro Linux

Install .Net Core on Manjaro Linux

Learn the commands to install Microsoft .Net or Dot Net Core on Arch-based Manjaro Linux to start developing your applications. .NET is an open-source development framework platform available free to use and install on all popular operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS operating …

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How to install Deepin Desktop on Manjaro 21 Linux

Install Deepin Manjaro Linux

Although we already have Majnaro Deepin Linux to download and install, however those who already have this Linux and don’t want to reinstall it can manually install Deepin Desktop Environment on their Manajro Linux. Deepin Desktop environments is a beautiful graphical user interface developed by …

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How to install Docker Container on Manjaro Linux

Docker install on Manjaro Linux

Simple steps to install, create and run Docker container on Manjaro Linux via Docker Hub to use various applications in a virtual environment. Using virtual machines have its own advantages, it gives better consumption of hardware resource, saves costs and space. However, running each and …

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How to enable Vmware drag and drop on Manjaro VM

Enable drag drop on Manjaro Linux and VMware Workstation player

If you are using Manajro on VMware Workstation player and want to perform drag and drop feature to copy files and folders from host to Manjaro guest, then here are the steps to follow… After installing Manjaro on Vmware Virtual machine, the first thing we …

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How to install Balena Etcher on Manjaro Linux?

Balena Etcher installed on Manajro Linux

Manjaro, a Linux based on Arch and one of the best for beginners to go with. If you want to install BalenaEthcer on Manajro Linux then here are the quick steps to follow. Balena Etcher is an open-source software to quickly create a bootable USB …

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Install Wine for Arch Linux such as Manjaro

Install Wine for Arch Linux Manjaro

Installing Wine for Arch-based Manjaro Linux will allow users to install various Windows applications using the command terminal.  As we know there are lots of Windows software such as Adobe reader which are not available for Linux systems. Thus, if someone still wants to run …

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How to install Spotify on Manjaro Arch linux

Spotify client linux app fro Manajro

Spotify client is the streaming player that fetches and plays various songs from the cloud servers of Spotify. It needs an internet connection to run and also offers a web player that works on the browser to play songs. However, if you want to install …

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