How to install Google Chrome in Oracle Linux?

Installing Chrome brwoser on Oracle Linux

Oracle Linux is generally used by enterprises with a command-line interface for hosting server applications. However, if you are using it as a Desktop with GUI then here are the steps to install Google Chrome browser on Oracle Linux. You would already be familiar with …

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How to install KVM on Oracle Linux 9?

Installing KVM on Oracle Linux 9

Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is simple to install on Oracle Linux 9 because it is an RHEL-based Linux distro, hence the steps for setting and operating KVM will be the same as any other similar OS such as AlmaLinux. Step 1: Find whether Virtualization is …

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2 Ways to install AnyDesk on Oracle Linux 8

Install AnyDesk on Oracle Linux 8

Learn how to add the repository to install AnyDesk on Oracle Linux 8 for connecting and assisting remote systems with the help of the internet.  AnyDesk is freemium software just like Teamviewer for allowing users to access remote computers and mobile devices for maintenance. It …

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Download AlmaLinux & Oracle Linux based on RHEL 8.4 now!

install Gnome GUI on AlmaLinux 8

After the announcement of RedHat for ending up the LTS version of CentOS, people start looking for other options and AlmaLinux & Oracle are a few of the stable ones available to use. Recently, developers of both these server Linux distros announced their latest version …

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How to install Docker CE on Oracle Linux 8/7

Install docker on Oracle Linux 8 or 7

Oracle Linux is an open-source server Linux distro and a good alternative to CentOS and RHEL Linux distributions. Moreover, as CentOS 8 Linux life will end this year, in such scenarios Oracle Linux 8 is a viable option. Of course, there are some other projects …

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How to install XFCE GUI on Oracle Linux 8 or 7?

XFCE graphical user interface installation on Oracle 8 or 7

If you are running Oracle Linux 8 or 7 command line server and want to install a graphical user interface such as XFCE desktop environment then here is the tutorial on that. Oracle Linux which is based on RHEL (red hat enterprise Linux) works in …

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