Snap on Linux- Installation, update and delete commands

Snaps universal package manager for Linux

What is a snap? Snap has been introduced as a package management method by Canonical developers, the people behind the popular Ubuntu Linux systems.  We can install and use the SNAP on various types of Linux distros such as Redhat, Ubuntu, CentOS, Elementary, Debian, Linux …

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How to install Snap Store on OpenSUSE Leap or Tumbleweed

Install Snap store on OpenSUSE

Snap Store is the graphical user interface to install various packages available on the Snapcraft repository. Although we can use the command-line interface to use Snapd, however, the GUI will make things much easier. Thus, here is the tutorial to install Snap Store on OpenSUSE …

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Steps to Install Cherrytree on Opensuse leap Linux

opensuse leap install cherrytree syntax highlighter and note

Cherrytree is a note-taking and syntax highlighting editor that can be used to collect and sort notes of all kinds. It offers a tree-based structure on the left side of the application to easily navigate through added notes collection. Each entry there represents a hierarchically …

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Quick Steps to Install Docker-CE on OpenSUSE Linux

Install Docker-CE on OpenSUSE Linux-min

If you want to convert one of the stable and easy to use Linux OpenSUSE Tumbleweed or Leap 15.1 into a containerized virtualization platform by Docker installation, then here are the steps to follow… Docker and OpenSUSE both are opensource platforms, however, SUSE is a …

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