Steps to Install Cherrytree on Opensuse leap Linux

Cherrytree is a note-taking and syntax highlighting editor that can be used to collect and sort notes of all kinds. It offers a tree-based structure on the left side of the application to easily navigate through added notes collection. Each entry there represents a hierarchically sorted text page and is referred to as a “node”.

The program name refers to the use of different colored cherries to mark different levels. One of the strengths of the program is the included editor.

Here are some Cherrytree key features:

  • Numbered and unnumbered lists and enumerations
  • Tables (can be imported and exported in CSV format)
  • Code boxes with syntax highlighting via GtkSourceView (no further formatting possible)
  • Hyperlinks: internal (on nodes or anchors) and external (files, folders, and internet addresses)
  • available for many platforms through programming in Python – including Linux and Windows
  • (Optional) password protection when saving notebook files
  • Inserted images can be edited within limits (enlarge/reduce, rotate) and, if necessary, saved externally in PNG format
  • Create a table of contents for a node (based on the lines formatted as a heading)
  • Re-sorting of existing nodes via “Drag & Drop” or dialog box

Here we will learn how to install Cherrytree on OpenSUSE Leap Linux using the command terminal.

1. Open command Terminal

Simply press Ctrl+Alt+T to open the command terminal application on OpenSUSE leap and run the system update command:

zypper update


2. Command to install Cherrytree on OpenSUSE leap

Cherrytree is already available in the official repository of OpenSUSE, thus no need to add any third-party repo… Just run this command-

sudo zypper install cherrytree

Command to install Cherrytree on SUSE Leap


3. Run Cherrytree

Go to Applications and search for it. Once you find the icon of this program clicks to run it. And you will have your open source syntax highlighter on OpenSUSE.

Run CherryTree opensuse leap install cherrytree syntax highlighter and note


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