How to install ifconfig on kali Linux to check IP address

As Kali Linux is a popular distro for penetration and security testing, thus if you are in the learning phase many times you would need to find out your own system IP address.

However, out of the box, ipconfig is not available on Debian-based operating systems anymore, thus either install it manually or use the default one which is:

ip addr or ip address

here are the options we can use with “ip” command:

Usage: ip [ OPTIONS ] OBJECT { COMMAND | help } 

ip [  -force ] -batch filename

where OBJECT := { link | address | addrlabel | route | rule | neigh | ntable |tunnel 
| tuntap | maddress | mroute | mrule | monitor | xfrm |netns | l2tp | fou | macsec |
 tcp_metrics | token | netconf | ila |vrf | sr | nexthop }

OPTIONS := { -V[ersion] | -s[tatistics] | -d[etails] | -r[esolve] 
|-h[uman-readable] | -iec | -j[son] | -p[retty] |-f[amily] { inet 
| inet6 | mpls | bridge | link } |-4 | -6 | -I | -D | -M | -B | -0 |-l[oops]
 { maximum-addr-flush-attempts } | -br[ief] |-o[neline] | -t[imestamp] |
 -ts[hort] | -b[atch] [filename] |-rc[vbuf] [size] | -n[etns] name |
 -N[umeric] | -a[ll] |-c[olor

Install Ipconfig and use it on Kali Linux

Although we can use the command on Terminal such as  “ip address“, however, those who want to use the IPconfig tool, they need to install it manually. Here is how.

  • Open command Terminal
  • Run system update command
  • sudo apt update
  • Install net-tools to get the IPconfig, on your Kali Linux
  • sudo apt install net-tools
  • Once installed, run the command:
  • sudo ifconfig
  • The output will show your current system’s IP address.
  • In case you want to uninstall it then run:
    sudo apt remove ipconfig


Install Ipconfig command on Kali Linux


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  1. Thank you very much, an observation and it is that in the command it is written sudo ipconfig and it is sudo ifconfig, in the image I realized how it goes because it did not come out XD


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