Install Spotify on Fedora Linux using command line

Spotify is a popular streaming client for listening to various genres of songs using an internet connection on smartphone and desktop devices. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. However, officially for Linux, Spotify is available as SNAP and Deb package only. Well, as Snap packages can be installed regardless of Linux distros base, thus we can install Spotify on Fedora as well.

Let’s see the steps to do that… Here we will learn two things:

  • how to install snap on Fedora
  • how to install Spotify on Fedora Linux

Go to your Fedora Linux

On your Fedora Linux, open the command terminal from applications because to enable snap support we need the command line interface.

Run update command

Before moving further once run the system update command, so that it can rebuild the cache as well as update the installed packages.

sudo dnf refresh

Install Snap on Fedora Linux

Just like Debian based operating systems, SNAP is also available in the official repository of Fedora, thus no need to add any repository, just run the below command:

sudo dnf install snapd

Log in and log out

Once the installation is done, to ensure snap’s paths are updated correctly, log out and log-in again to your system.

Command to set up Spotify on Fedora

Finally, run the below command of SNAP to get the packages for Sporty to install on this RPM-based Linux os.

sudo snap install spotify

command to downlaod and install spotify on Ferdora

Run it

After completion of the above command go to all applications and search for Spotify, as its icon appears, click to run it.

Search for music streaming program

Run spotify on fedora Linux


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