How to install MobaXterm in Kali Linux Desktop

Installing MobaXterm in Kali Linux WINE

MobaXterm is not only a terminal emulator software but a feature-rich remote-session management application that comes with support for various protocols. Such as SSH, Telnet, FTP, RDP, SFTP and more. Even it offers an X11 server, a tabbed SSH client, and network tools and server …

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Simple Steps to Install Discord on Kali Linux

Install Discord on Kali Linux

In this tutorial, we follow the simple way to install Discord on Kali Linux 2023 and other versions using the command terminal to communicate and collaborate with others. Those who steaming games would already know about the Discord application and its servers. Well, if not, …

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Why Do Hackers Use Kali Linux?

Why Do Hackers Use Kali Linux

Kali is the most popular and commonly used Linux by hackers to perform penetration testing or hacking. However, nowadays “hackers” term is not only used for the wrong group of people to perform “Black hat hacking”. There are ethical hackers those do white hat hacking …

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How to install Telegram on Kali Linux

telegram on kali using tar.xz file

Telegram messenger, a popular cloud-based alternative to WhatsApp is a cross-platform application that we can install on Kali Linux as well as other operating systems to Chat and access groups & Channels. Kali Linux which is mainly used by security experts and other users who …

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How to install Kali Linux on AWS EC2 Instance

Kali Linux Ec2 Instance connect via SSH

If you want your Penetration Testing Linux operating system such as Kali Linux with you always, then install it on Amazon Cloud Infrastructure AWS EC2 (Elastic computing) Instance using the steps given here.  Kali Linux is a popular Debian-based Linux operating system designed to use …

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How to install qBittorrent on Kali linux

Qbittorrent GUI for Kali Linux

Peer-to-peer file sharing is not a new concept, however, to download files from such a network we need client software like qBittorrent. Here we let you know the steps to install qBittorrent on Kali Linux. qBittorrent is a file-sharing client that allows access to the …

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