4 Extensions to Change Top Bar in Ubuntu 24.04

The top bar in Ubuntu shows system-related information such as internet connection, date and time, volume, and more. Ubuntu UI has a top bar feature; its default desktop environment is GNOME. Many Ubuntu users dislike the top bar in the UI and want to modify it in any way.

If you are an old user of Ubuntu, then you know how to change the desktop environment to modify the top bar completely. However, beginners usually don’t know how to alter the top bar correctly. That’s why we will explain how to change the top bar in Ubuntu 24.04.

GNOME Extension Manager

As mentioned earlier, Ubuntu comes with the GNOME desktop environment, which means you can use various extensions to change the top bar.

First, let’s start with installing the GNOME Extension Manager using the following command in the terminal:

sudo apt install gnome-shell-extensions gnome-shell-extension-manager
install gnome shell extensions ubuntu

Now, you can open the Extension Manager from the Application Menu. From Extension Manager, you can download various extensions to tweak your system.

Open extension manager

Just perfection Extension

It is a tweak tool for customizing GNOME UI elements. It has different options, such as customizing the size of the top bar, removing icons, changing the positions of the elements, and so on.

Open the Extension Manager and search “Just Perfection” from the Browse section. Once the extension appears, click the Install button and open the Extensions from the application menu.

Just perfection Extension
Open Extensions on Linux Gnome

Enable the extension and click the three dots to open the Settings option.

Enable Just Prefection Extension

In Settings, you can browse through the different options to change the size of the top bar, hide it, and change the elements.

Customize Ubuntu Top bar

Rocket Bar

With the Rocket Bar extension, you can do many things, including changing the position of the top bar, displaying the notification badges, changing the main panel, and more. So browse “Rocket Bar” and then install it.

Install Rocket bar Extension Ubuntu

Now, open the Extensions tool again, and open the Settings of the Rocket Bar:

Rocket Bar Extension Tool

Here, you can change the top bar and tweak the primary panel size:

top bar and tweak the main panel size

Dash to Panel

Dash to Panel is a GNOME UI editor that lets you change your top bar and make it look more elegant. So, all you have to do is install the Dash to Panel from the Extensions Manager.

Dash Panel Install

Now open the Settings of Dash to Panel from the Extensions:

Dash panel Settings

Here, you can edit different things on the top bar, including the color, style, icon size, and position.

Chnage Dash Panel Settings

Transparent Top Bar

If you want to change the transparency of the top bar, then install the “Transparent Top Bar” extension:

Transparent Top Bar

After installing, you can open the extension’s Settings and adjust the transparency.

Tranparent Top Bar Ubuntu Opacity level set

You can also use this extension to hide the top bar, which we have made slightly transparent here.

Ubuntu 24.04 Top bar Transparent

Extra Options

You can use the Extension Manager to find extensions and tweak the top bar. For example, we have downloaded the Gradient Top Bar from the Extension Manager:

Gradient Top Bar Ubuntu Settings

This extension has a lot of options to make the top bar vibrant and look modern:

top bar vibrant and look modern

Wrapping Up

That’s how you can use the different extensions to change the top bar in Ubuntu 24.04. Various websites show you can edit the gnome-shell.css file to change the top bar. However, we don’t recommend this method as it can be confusing. Moreover, Aylur’s Widgets is a highly recommended extension, but it is now unsupported in GNOME 3, so please don’t install it in your system.

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