6 Best Ubuntu Linux Alternatives for Beginners to Use in 2024

It would not be difficult for new users or those who are shifting from Windows 7, 10, or 11 Operating systems to a Linux distro if they have the right one to choose. Thus, here we are with some best Ubuntu desktop alternatives Linux distros for beginners who want something similar to Canonical’s OS but better in terms of usage.

No doubt, Ubuntu is one of the most popular and best Linux among new users because of easy-to-use commands, huge package repository, and online tutorials. However, if you don’t like its interface and want something much easier to use, thus you should look at the alternatives we are listing here.

Best Linux Distros for Beginners to Replace Ubuntu

The below-given list of Linux OS to replace Ubuntu, is not in some particular order, instead of the usability and how easy it is to install packages on them.

1. MX Linux

32-bit & 64-bit- fast, stable, Debian-based Ubuntu desktop alternative with multiple repositories for installing popular applications…

MX Linux ubuntu replacement

Many people will say Linux Mint is the best alternative to Ubuntu for beginners, of course, it is but after using MX Linux, I slightly want to put MX Linux above that.

It is because this mid-weight Linux distro not only uses the Debian packages and apt manager like Ubuntu but also comes with an extra repository of its own which gives users more choice over applications.

I mean without using a command line, the new users can install various software for which they perhaps have to go through various tutorials, in Ubuntu. For example, if you want to install Google Chrome, no need to add a repository or go through tutorials to set it up on your MX Linux. Simply open the GUI package installer, search for it, and you are done.

To make MX Linux more familiar Windows users can install the popular Linux Mint’s Cinnamon desktop UI on MX Linux.

Website: MX Linux OS 

2. Linux Mint

Easy to use Linux with Windows 7 like look to replace Ubuntu for new users…

Linux Mint for new users

Of course, we can’t forget Mint in the list of Ubuntu alternative Linux. Mint is not only stable but also slightly better in terms of usage than its counterpart Ubuntu.

The Cinnamon UI of Mint, out of the box makes it the best choice for Windows 7 users because of the traditional arrangement of the Taskbar, My Computer and Recycle bin placement, and more…  Xfce, and MATE Desktop environments are also available.

However, after the announcements that the Linux Mint is dropping support to the 32-bit version, the users who have an old system could feel left out; well don’t, because MX Linux is there. Being Ubuntu-based all the packages and repositories will be the same.

Linux Mint

3. Manjaro Linux

A versatile Linux distro based on Arch to replace Ubuntu Linux in 2023 with a wide range of package installations using GUI.

Manjaro Linux best Ubuntu alternative

There is always a debate about whether Manjaro Linux is beginners’ friendly or not, but believe me, it is.

First of all, it is not based on Ubuntu or Debian thus online tutorials new users would face some problems occasionally.

Because the Graphical Software installer of Manjaro offers integration of Flatpak, Snap, AUR, and the official Arch repo, yes, this is an Arch-based Linux distro.

However, multiple repos and the ability to install packages through a graphical interface make it one of the easiest distros and the best Linux to replace Ubuntu in 2023.

It is because due to SNAP and Flatpak integration, you can also install applications that are only available for Ubuntu or Debian Linux such as Spotify. See this tutorial and you will get an idea of how it works –Spotify Installation on Manjaro Arch Linux

Manjaro OS

4. Zorin OS

Windows 10-like interface Linux based on Ubuntu for beginners…

Zorin OS best linux for beginners

Well, Zorin OS can intrigue those who want to replace Ubuntu or Debian Linux distro with Windows 10. It has a modern interface, sleek icons, and a wide range of open-source applications and tools out of the box.

Zorin OS is also a powerful alternative to Windows and macOS in the open-source category.

It is available in free and ultimate editions, however, the ultimate is a paid one and you have to shell out 39 dollars for it.

The reason behind this is, that there are pre-installed applications to increase productivity such as Office Suite, along with games, official support, and some additional features. Well, the free version is the same as Ultimate and you can install any Linux app on it.

Zorin OS

5. Elementary OS

macOS users switching to Linux but want something like their old Apple OS at least looks-wise…

Elementary OS similar to Ubuntu

This macOS clone Linux to replace Ubuntu makes sense for those shifting from macOS because of similar UI imitations. Elementary OS offers a modern interface with macOS like a dock to access applications pinned or currently active.

It is stable and based on Ubuntu OS, thus Long term support for security updates will be there.  Elementary OS uses the Pantheon desktop environment.

Out of the box, the number of applications is not much, therefore, you have to install the one you need such as the Office suite.

Elementary OS

6. Deepin OS

Eye-catching graphical user interface crafted for beginners and those who are looking for a Debian replacement for Ubuntu.

Deepin best Linux UI for beginners to replace Ubuntu

It is based on Debian and is popular for its desktop user interface. Deepin OS is quite user-centric, so most of the tasks are very easy to handle. It comes with its app store to install most of the open-source and Deepin’s developed software.

Deepin OS needs modern hardware systems because of the animated effects it provides on UI. If you like Deepin UI i.e. DDE but refraining your self from using it because of its origin then try out UbuntuDDE.

Deepin OS 

Which one is the best Ubuntu desktop alternative?

If you are familiar with Ubuntu Linux then I recommend MX Linux and those who are not, should start with Linux Mint or Zorin OS. Well, if you want something slightly different but well-made then Manjaro is the best choice. Apart from that, the Elementary OS and Deepin are always there because of the intriguing and beautiful interface.

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