10 Most Popular Linux Distros of the Year 2023

Most Popular Linux Distros of 2023

2023 is about to end, and lots of new things have happened this year around the open-source Linux distros. The diversity and richness of available Linux distros continue to hold the desktop users, developers, and system administrators by providing innovative features, security, and customization. But …

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Top 10 popular Linux Distros in September 2022

MX Linux best distro in 2022

If you want to use a Linux operating system, you can choose from many different Linux distros tailored to target various user groups. For beginners, Windows switchers, or professionals, everything is there. Here in this article, we have gathered the Top Linux distros for the …

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Top 10 popular Linux distros in August 2022

10 Best Linux distros in August 2022

Let’s check out the list of the most popular Linux distros in August 2022, in case you are planning to switch to Linux OS. Unlike Windows and macOS, Linux is not just owned by some single brand instead it is free & open source and …

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4 Best Linux Distros for Android Studio Developers

Fedora best Linux for installing Android Studio

Here are some best stable Linux distros to install Android Studio for coding and developing applications in an open source and secure environment.  Among the popular operating systems, Linux has always been the first choice of many programmers and developers because they don’t have to …

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8 Best Linux distros for .Net Core development

Manjaro Linux Net Core

Find out the best Linux Distributions for developers to start developing in the Microsoft .Net Core development platform… .NET has been considered one of the most popular software development frameworks for several years. .NET Core is an open-source platform developed by Microsoft. It replaces the old …

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