What to Look for in an Affordable Ubuntu VPS Provider

what to look in affordable Ubuntu VPS Provider

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) provide a way to get complete control over your server OS and the applications installed on it without having any headache managing its backend hardware where the server is running virtually. This gives businesses and individuals a reliable and flexible hosting solution. Well, generally Web hosting providers will not let users choose which Linux OS they want to run on their VPS server, instead they provide VPS server access with RHEL-based Linux and admin rights to install whatever application an individual wants.

However, this is not the issue with Cloud hosting VPS providers, they not only offer Ubuntu-based VPS solutions but even options to choose other operating systems, if required by the user. Therefore, if you are planning to pick an affordable Ubuntu VPS provider then what are the things you should check before hosting your website or application?

1. Performance and Reliability

The first thing a user must check before opting for an affordable Ubuntu-based VPS is the performance and ofcourse how reliable the provider is. Ensure that the resources the provider offers in its VPS plan are enough for your application, for example, it must have a good amount of RAM, SSD storage, and CPU as well. These are the basic elements that are going to ensure your website or app loads quickly when accessed remotely. Furthermore, also confirms what is the uptime that the provider guarantees a user will have.

2. Security Features

Installing an app or hosting a website on an Ubuntu-running VPS server is not a difficult thing, however, its security is the main concern. You should check what kind of security features are offered by the service provider such as Web application firewall, DDoS mitigation, anti-malware, and SSL certificates to ensure data encryption. Also, regular data backup is another key thing we must look for.

3. Fully managed or Self Managed VPS

Managing the server can be a head-scratching task if you don’t have advanced skills. If a business or an individual has skills to manage the server such as installing and updating OS, security patches, and upgrading processes then for greater flexibility opting for self-managed/unmanaged VPS servers is a better choice in which the hosting provider only takes care of the backend physical server. However, if you don’t have good knowledge of servers then it is better to go for a Fully managed service provider. Hence, before choosing the service a user should look at what kind of Ubuntu VPS he is getting.

4. Scalability

With many web hosting providers, scalability can be an issue because for that a user has to migrate its data from the existing server to another that has more resources. Hence, to avoid this chaotic situation, the user must check that there are easy options available with VPS providers to scale up the server resources such as RAM, CPU, or storage when needed without experiencing significant downtime or data migration issues.

5. User-Friendly Management Interface

Those who are looking to host a web app or websites on Ubuntu VPS and do not have much experience with the command line interface should look for server options with a user-friendly management interface. Because it will not only help you save a lot of time but also assist in easily managing multiple websites and applications. Hence, find out the VPS providers that either provide their own custom web-based GUI or third-party control panels such as cPanel or Plesk, which makes managing your server, websites, and domains more intuitive. LearnHow to install WHM & CPanel on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Linux

6. Customer Support

Although it sounds not very important at first sight, quality customer support can prove a boon when we encounter some technical glitch or problems on our virtual private servers. Hence, even though you are looking for an affordable Ubuntu-based VPS service provider its customer support must be good and available 24×7 through multiple mediums such as live chat, email, or phone.

7. Bandwidth and Data Transfer Limits

Beginners when opting for VPS service generally do not give much heed to the bandwidth and data transfer limitation the service provider implied through its VPS plans. However, a user must check for both and ensure that the stipulated bandwidth and data transfer limits will be enough for his/her needs in the near future. You may find some affordable VPS providers offering unlimited bandwidth, but make sure to read the fine print for any restrictions or throttling policies.

8. Reviews and Reputation

Well, without using a VPS service it is hard to tell about its performance, reliability, and customer support. Therefore, the best solution is to learn from the mistakes of others. Check out the reputation of the provider by going through the reviews and experiences of various customers or testimonials available on different forums and websites. Also, don’t make your decision solely by reading a website review or YouTube video on a particular VPS service provider because many times they are highly influenced by the provider itself.

Hence, look for general customer reviews and feedback on server performance, uptime, customer support, and security.


Finding an affordable Ubuntu VPS provider is not a challenging task because dozens of them are available online, however, opting for the right one can be. We need to consider the factors that are going to affect our applications, hence according to your needs don’t forget to benchmark an affordable VPS provider against performance, security, scalability, user interface, customer support, bandwidth limits, and above all this the provider’s reputation is crucial. A balanced VPS solution will always ensure your website and applications run smoothly and ofcourse securely.

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