What is the difference between vsftpd and ProFTPd?

FTP is a standard protocol that is used to transfer files widely, and FTP servers like Vsftpd and ProFTPd provide a way to use that protocol and access plus transfer files stored on a remote server. Here we quickly learn the difference between Vsftpd and ProFTPd.

vsftpd (Very Secure FTP Daemon) is a GPL-licensed FTP server software developed to provide a secure but fast way to transfer files. It is popular among Linux users because of its simplicity and efficient use of system resources. That’s the reason why most Linux distros such as Redhat, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, and more offer this FTP server package to install directly from the base repository of the system. Learn How to install VSFTPD to Setup FTP Server on Ubuntu 22.04.

ProFTPd (Pro FTP daemon) is also an open-source FTP server just like Vsftpd but comes highly customizable and extensible. It offers a wide range of advanced features like virtual hosts, SSL/TLS encryption, and LDAP authentication. It is designed to be a highly feature-rich FTP server.

Vsftpd vs ProFTPd

Speed and performance: Developers of Vsftpd FTP server focus on speed and performance and want to make it as simple, lightweight, and efficient as it could be to handle a large number of concurrent connections. Whereas, ProFTPd, on the other hand, is more feature-rich and customizable, but may be slightly slower than Vsftpd.

Security: In terms of security both open-source FTP servers offer various types of features to securely transfer files such as SSL/TLS encryption and user authentication. But vsftpd is considered to be more secure out of the box, with features like chroot jails and IP blocking built-in. However, ProFTPd can achieve the same level of security but requires more configuration.

Ease of use: Simplicity is one of the factors that make vsftpd a popular choice among open-source FTP servers because it comes with straightforward configuration files and minimal dependencies. But if you have a project that requires complex configuration then ProFTPd is there but may require more expertise to handle.

Features: In terms of features ProFTPd can easily become a first choice for users over vsftpd because it is known for its rich feature set, with support for virtual hosts, LDAP authentication, and many other advanced options. On the other hand, vsftpd is more minimalist and focused on basic file transfer functionality.

Both vsftpd and ProFTPd are widely used and well-regarded FTP servers, each with its strengths and weaknesses. If you require a highly configurable FPT server with a large amount of configuration options then ProFTPd can be your first choice. Nevertheless, to handle a large amount of traffic with minimal configuration FTP server, users can opt for vsftpd.


What is vsftpd in Ubuntu?

vsftpd is a Very Secure FTP Daemon server available to install on Ubuntu using the APT package manager for transfering file using FTP protocol.

What are the requirements for vsftpd?

Vsftpd FTP server requires Linux system and ports 20 , 21 , and 990 opened in the firewall to allows users upload or download the files securely.

How do I know if vsftpd is installed?

To know vsftpd is installed on your Linux simply run the service command to check its status: systemctl status vsftpd --no-pager -l

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