Install Debian 11 Bullseye on Docker CE to test it

Debian 11 Bulleye is the upcoming Linux distro, thus if someone wants to test out its Command-line edition then Docker is the best way.

Whereas people, those don’t know about Docker,  it is a platform to create and run the virtual container to install the various application using the Docker Images. You can create these images by yourself or use the pre-built ones available on the Docker Hub repository.

Debian 11 Bullseye installation on Docker Container

Here, I am assuming that you already have installed Docker on your respective operating system. However if not then learn the process by going through the below-given articles:


Now, go to your system terminal where you can access this container platform and run the pull command-

docker pull debian:bullseye


bullseye: Pulling from library/debian
ad4592a9cb6d: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:f230ae5ea58822057728fbc43b207f4fb02ab1c32c75c08d25e8e511bfc83446
Status: Downloaded newer image for debian:bullseye

Check the downloaded image:

docker images

Docker Images check on Debian

Start container in the background

Create and start the Debian container using the downloaded bullseye image:

docker run -it debian:bullseye

You will find yourself in the shell with the root user using the above command-

Check Docker images



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