How to install Spotify on Manjaro Arch linux

Spotify client is the streaming player that fetches and plays various songs from the cloud servers of Spotify. It needs an internet connection to run and also offers a web player that works on the browser to play songs. However, if you want to install its client application on Manajro Linux then here is the tutorial.

Install Spotify on Manjaro Linux

There are two ways to download Spotify client on Majario Linux, one is using the command line terminal and the other via Graphical user interface. We show you both.

#Command line

Open a command terminal and run the update command

Go to Applications and search for Terminal. Open it and run the below command to update repos and packages installed on the system already.

sudo pacman -Syu

Command to install Spotify on Manjaro

As out of the box Manajro comes with Snap repository and service, thus we can easily install Spotify with just one command, that is

sudo snap install spotify

To uninstall

sudo snap remove spotify

#GUI method

Open Add/remove software

From the Applications, search for “Add/remove software“. Open it and then click on the three dots given on the right top side to select “Preferences“.

Change Preferences

Enable Snap Repo

Go to the Snap tab and enable it by using the toggle button. After that close it.  Enable Snap repository on Manjaro

Download Spotify using GUI software manager

Now, go to the search icon available at the top left side. Search for Spotify, when it appears, click on the Install button.

Spotify installed on Manjaro linux


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