How to install and use Tor Browser on Linux Mint 20- Error free method

Tor browser is known for its Privacy features and anonymous web surfing features using relay network. It is based on Mozilla firefox, however, the problem that most people are facing while installing this browser using the popular Torbrowser-launcher method is the Signature failure error.

In this method, we are not going to use that, instead of a simple and straightforward one by using the portable Tor browser packages available for the Linux operating system. Also, we let you know how to create a Desktop shortcut for the TOR Browser.

Download Tor Browser

Open your existing browser that is FIreFox on Linux Mint and visit the download page of Tor Project (here is the link). There click on the “Download for Linux” button.

Download Tor browser Linux package

Extract Tar file

Open command terminal, switch to Downloads directory to extract the Tar file of download Tor Browser.

cd Downloads
tar -xvf tor-browser-linux64-*.*_en-US.tar.xz


Move Tor setup to /opt directory

To make sure you won’t delete the setup file of Tor Browser from the Downloads directory accidentally,  let’s move it to /opt.

sudo mkdir /opt/tor

sudo mv tor-browser_en-US/* /opt/tor


Create a Desktop shortcut for Tor

Create a desktop shortcut for your browser by using the below command:

nano ~/Desktop/Tor-browser.desktop

And after that paste the following lines:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Tor Browser

To save the Desktop shortcut, press Ctrl+X and then type Y followed by the Enter Key.

Create Desktop Shortcut

Make shortcut Executable

You will see a shortcut on your desktop, right-click on that, and select Properties.  Then under the Permissions Tab, check the box given for “Allow executing file as program” and then Close it.

Create Desktop shortcut Tor Browser

Run the Tor Browser

Now simply double click on the Desktop shortcut of Tor Browser whenever you want to use it.

Linux Mint Install Tor Browser run

2 thoughts on “How to install and use Tor Browser on Linux Mint 20- Error free method”

  1. Fell at the first hurdle so is a step missing? “switch to Downloads directory” what does this mean please? I teach too and its so easy to miss steps with total beginners.

    • Actually, we have downloaded it through the browser and the files from that go to the Downloads folder. So, on your Terminal switch to that directory. I mean your current location should be in Downloads.
      Thus, for that, type:

      cd Downloads


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