How to install Anaconda Navigator on Kali Linux

Installing Anaconda Navigator command line and Graphical interface on Kali Linux 2020 is not a difficult task and here in this tutorial, we will show that.

Anaconda is a programming development tool for programmers, it offers a platform that comprises various programming languages and packages (libraries) that give an option to perform various development tasks using a single platform rather than dealing with multiple systems. The capabilities of creating environments with different versions of packages are really handled for operating multiple projects on a single machine.  The latest version of Anaconda has a very wide range of applications, covering finance, artificial intelligence, system operation and maintenance, web development, scientific computing, cloud computing, big data, game development, and many other aspects. Anaconda also comes with a large number of commonly used data science packages, including conda, Python, and more scientific packages and their dependencies.

Anaconda Navigator Graphical installation on Kali Linux

  1. Go to Anaconda Official website and download the individual 64-bit edition of the Navigator using the system web browser. Here is the link for the same.
  2. Open command terminal in Kali Linux.
  3. Switch to Downloads Directory- cd Downloads
  4. List the files:ls
  5. Run the downloaded Anaconda Navigator installer script on Kali Linux-  bash filename, in our case the file name was Thus, the installation command will be bash
  6. Read the License by pressing the Enter Key, however, to skip it simply press ‘q‘ key.
  7.  Accept the License Agreement, by the type ‘Y” and hit Enter Key.
  8. When it asks to set the installation directory leave it as the default until you don’t want to save its files in some other drive or partition.
  9. Wait for a few minutes, the Anaconda will be on your Kali Linux 2020 or previous versions.
  10. Once the installation is complete, reload the Shell, so that you don’t have to logout and login, the current session. Type: source ~/.bashrc
  11. Finally, start the Graphical user interface of Anaconda Navigator, for that use the command: anaconda-navigator

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