EuroELS subscription to extend the life of CentOS 6 Enterprise Linux

Enterprise Linux operating systems are renowned for their stability and security. They have established widespread use in IT infrastructures around the world. They fulfill the role of reliable server solutions provided they are supported.

The life cycle (and therefore support) of a system comes to an end, when it stops receiving stable updates and security patches. Using unsupported software, especially in production environments, is therefore risky and definitely not recommended.

On the other hand, migration to a higher version of the system can be very costly, force numerous unnecessary hardware changes, or be impossible to implement. Due to this Enterprise Linux version, 6 systems are still widely used despite the lack of support. In many cases, there is a simple way to extend their life.

Enterprise Linux is a family of operating systems built on a single common source code derived from Red Hat. It is made up of RHEL, CentOS, Oracle Linux, EuroLinux, Scientific Linux, and, more recently, AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux.

The life cycle of Enterprise Linux version 6 systems ended at the end of 2020. Since then, they have not received updates and security patches, and the absence of these has significantly reduced the security of not only the systems themselves but the entire IT infrastructure in which they run.

The ‘lack of support’ problem affects tens of thousands of organizations around the world, which, for various reasons, have not yet upgraded their software to a higher release. This process is usually costly and sometimes even impossible.

This is the case when the server runs software that is only compatible with version 6 of the operating system. Fortunately, there are still ways to restore security to the infrastructure without the need for a costly migration to a higher system version.

Extended support for Enterprise Linux 6 systems

The answer to these challenges is EuroELS (Extended Life Support), offered by the IT solutions manufacturer – EuroLinux.

This is an extended support package for Enterprise Linux 6. It enables the receipt of security patches without having to reinstall systems and applications installed on them and does not affect data and system configuration.

The extended support allows extending the standard life cycle of these systems for another year, at least until mid-2024.

EuroELS provides systems with critical and important security patches, significant bug fixes, and EuroLinux technical assistance.

How to receive extended EuroELS support?

Extending the life of Enterprise Linux version 6 comes down to purchasing a EuroELS subscription and using a script provided by EuroLinux.

This script switches the patch (updates) repository to EuroLinux and performs a rebranding of the system in use, renaming it to EuroLinux.

After this operation, the server again receives up-to-date security patches and new package versions, which restores full system security.

As the manufacturer points out, the extended support covers RHEL, CentOS, Oracle Linux, EuroLinux, and Scientific Linux until at least July 31, 2024.

For more information, visit the manufacturer’s website:

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