Error- bash: service: command not found – Install initscripts

On a minimal Linux system sometimes you can face the error while dealing with any system service to start|stop|restart|enable it. This error “bash: service: command not found” appears because the “initscripts” package has not been installed on your system.

bash service command not found Install initscripts

Here are the commands to install Service on different Linux operating systems-


apt install sysvinit-utils

Kali Linux

apt install init-system-helpers

RHEL/CentOS/Rocky Linux/ AlmaLinux

yum install initscripts


dnf install initscripts


apt-get install sysvinit-utils


Once the installation is completed, you can use the Service command to handle various Linux services-

Common service command syntax.

To Start/Stop/Restart/Reload service

service service-name start|stop|restart|reload

examplesudo service apache2 start


For full restart  

service system-service-name --full-restart

examplesudo service mysql --ful-restart


Show the current status of a service:

service system-service-name status

examplesudo service apache2 status


List the status of all services:

service --status-all



2 thoughts on “Error- bash: service: command not found – Install initscripts”

  1. [root@68e9dbdfbe9f /] # systemctl status docker

    System has not been booted with systemd as init system (PID 1). Can’t operate.
    Failed to connect to bus: Host is down


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