Download Zorin OS 16.2 Linux ISO

The Linux distribution Zorin OS, which is based on Ubuntu LTS, has published the second point release for version 16 i.e Zorin OS 16.2. Almost seven months after the release the first point release Zorin OS 16.1, the second point release again brings interesting innovations.

A glimpse of innovations awaits you:

  • Easier installation of Windows apps
  • Significantly improved compatibility with Microsoft Office documents:
  • Alternatives to Microsoft fonts – Carlito, the alternative to Calibri, in a similar way – Caladea to Cambria; Gelasio to Georgia; Selawik to Segoe UI and Comic Relief as an alternative to Comic Sans.
  • Improvements to Zorin Connect, now you can now view your computer’s battery status on your phone.
  • GDevelop in Zorin OS Education: Learn to code in a fun and accessible way
  • Improved maximize effect in jelly mode
  • Newer apps will be provided such as LibreOffice 7.4
  • Compatibility with even more hardware
  • Stronger security with the latest patches and updates
Download Zorin OS 16.2 Linux ISO

Updating to 16.2

Existing Zorin OS can be updated to 16.2 is deployed via the built-in update feature. Fresh ISO images are also available. Zorin OS 16.2 is still based on the Ubuntu 20.04 stack. A modernization to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is expected for the upcoming Zorin OS 17 version, which is expected to be released in the course of 2023.

However, the version of Kernel is the same as in Ubuntu 22.04, therefore, better support for hardware will be there such as NVIDIA graphics cards, including the GeForce RTX 4090; AMD Radeon and Intel graphics cards; Framework Laptop with 12th Generation Intel Processors; Xbox One Controller; Apple Magic Mouse; USB4 and compatibility to more Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and audio devices.

Download Zorin OS 16.2 ISO

Those who are looking for a fresh installation of this Linux can get a copy from the official website. It is available in ISO format.

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