How to change the Vertical Mx linux Taskbar panel to bottom

MX Linux is grabbing popularity much faster than other Linux in the same category because of speed and its less resource consumption. By default, it comes with an Xfce desktop environment but with a left-side vertical taskbar, which is really uncomfortable and annoying at least for me. In case, the same goes for you and you also want to customize MX Linux Taskbar to the standard one, as we have on Linux Mint or Windows, then here is the solution.

Move & Customize MX Linux Panel to bottom (vertical taskbar to horizontal)

1. Open MX Linux Panel Properties

On your MX Linux Desktop, right-click on the TaskBar and then select PanelPanel Preferences. 

Open Panel and properties min

2. Change Taskbar orientation

From the Panel Preferences, first, uncheck the box given for Lock Panel, and then from the Mode drop-down select Horizontal.

Customize Taskbar MX Linux min

3. Move MX Linux Panel to bottom

Now, you will see the Panel in the Horizontal orientation but at the top of the screen, to move to the bottom, click on the multiple dots given at the left side and drag the MX Panel to the bottom of the screen.

Change Taskbar position in MX Linux min Lock the Task Bar MX Linux min

4. Move MX Linux start button to the left side

After having the panel at the bottom one thing that remains problematic for some people is the position of the MX Linux start menu button.

It will remain on the right side and to move it to the left side, in Panel preferences, click on the Items tab and the move select Whisker Menu, drag it to the top. In the same way, move other icons. If you want to add any other application shortcut then that can be possible from there by using the + icon.

CHnage the Application Menu position min

Finally, the old way or traditional Taskbar position will be on your latest MX Linux.

MX Linux horizontal bottom taskbar min


4 thoughts on “How to change the Vertical Mx linux Taskbar panel to bottom”

  1. In my case after selecting the horizontal option I went to MX Tweaks and on the first Panel option changed the horizontal arrangement to bottom, the MX button and Dock remained on the left side and quick access, date and shutdown were grouped to the right.

  2. The Apps open UNDER THE MENU bar where you cant do anything but reboot.. Linux is still complete garbage. Crap like this constantly happens. In 35 years of using Windows this never happened one time, lol.

  3. Thank you for your excellent explanation! IMO, MX Linux is one of the best distros I have tested for older machines. Sadly, as stated above by Fisht, many people run into too many problems using Linux. Why? One reason is explanations and user how to’s! Most average PC users want operating systems that are plug and play. They DO NOT want to screw around with their OS after installing it. Those that do venture into the Linux world MAY find problems when seeking help. They may run into too many incorrect or abbreviated answers that just don’t work for their system. This will make a beginner say: “I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS CRAP”. Linux systems work differently on different computers. Most folks will not make time to sort out their issues like we geeks do…I have been pushing Linux distros on my customers for over ten years. THEY DON’T WANT IT! To those who arrogantly think these folks are “too stupid” to figure it out, you are dead wrong! They have a life and don’t want to waste it adjusting or fixing an OS that does not work for them. Just ask Fisht. Cheers!


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