2 ways to install XFCE Desktop on Debian 11 Bullseye

XFCE Desktop environement Debian 11 Desktop GUI

Xfce is an alternative to GNOME or KDE and a pretty colorful and well-configurable desktop environment. Learn the commands to install XFCE desktop on Debian 11 Bullseye Linux. Xfce is designed to run easily on slightly less powerful computers, mainly because of the somewhat lower …

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How to install Cinnamon Desktop on AlmaLinux 8 server

Install Cinnamon on Almalinux 8

Do you want to install the Cinnamon Desktop environment on AlmaLinux 8 CLI server or desktop? Then here are the commands to follow. Cinnamon Desktop environment is one of the popular UIs because of its mid-weight and familiar Windows-like User Interface. Cinnamon is visually more …

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Steps to Install Xfce Desktop on Rocky Linux 8

Install XFCE Desktop environment on Rocky Linux 8

If you are using the command-line interface Rocky Linux 8 minimal or standard version, then here are the steps to install the Xfce4 desktop environment on it… RockyLinux full DVD ISO comes with few Desktop environment options such as Gnome and KDE, however, if you …

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