How to install Snap Store on Elementary OS

Snap store installation for Elementary OS

Do you want to install Snap Store on the elementary OS to easily download hundreds of open-source software? Here are the steps to follow… Snap Store is the GUI interface to install various SNAP packages available in the repository of it. The Snap is from …

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How to install Tor Browser in Elementary OS Linux distro

Tor browser installed successfully on Elementary OS

Elementary OS Linux distro is popular for its attractive Pantheon interface and beginner-friendliness. However, out of the box, you will not find many applications that actually you would need in your day-to-day computing need. Nevertheless, it is also good because there would not be unnecessary …

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How to install Cinnamon desktop on Elementary OS distro

Cinnamon desktop envrionment on Elementary OS

If you are using Elementary OS for some time now and don’t want to uninstall to get Linux Mint’s Cinnamon Desktop environment, then simply install it without removing Pantheon. I totally agree that Elementary OS’ Pantheon is quite beautiful, however, it is not rich and …

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How to install Budgie Desktop on Debian 10 Linux distro

Budgie interface Debian 10

Budgie Desktop environment is popular because of its simplicity yet user-friendly and easy to use. It developed by the team Solus and comes officially out of the box in the Solus Linux Distros. However, being open-source software, other Linux distros can also install and use …

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How to install XFCE GUI on Oracle Linux 8 or 7?

XFCE graphical user interface installation on Oracle 8 or 7

If you are running Oracle Linux 8 or 7 command line server and want to install a graphical user interface such as XFCE desktop environment then here is the tutorial on that. Oracle Linux which is based on RHEL (red hat enterprise Linux) works in …

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