How to install FlareGet on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Start managing your downloads on Linux by installing FlareGet on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy JellyFish LTS. FlareGet is able to work with different protocols: in addition to HTTP, it can also handle HTTPS and FTP. In addition, downloads can also be interrupted and resumed later without a loss. Thanks to a scheduler, you can plan exactly when and to what extent you want to use the available bandwidth.

FlareGet is not open-source software, that’s because the tool is proprietary licensed, closed-source software.  However, apart from the pro (paid) version, the free version is also available to install on Windows, Linux, and macOS from its official website.

Few key features:

Dynamic File Segmentation
Enhanced Browser Integration
Resume Support
Intelligent File Management
Multi-Protocol Support
Mirror Support
Speed and Download Limits
Add or Remove Segments
Clipboard Monitoring
Youtube Grabber
Batch Downloads
Multi Language Support

Steps to install FlareGet Download manager on Ubuntu 22.04

The steps and commands given in this tutorial will be the same for their other Debian and Ubuntu-based operating systems including POP OS, Linux Mint, MX Linux, and more…

1. Update your Ubuntu 22.04

First, update your Ubuntu 22.04. Well, this is not necessary here because we are not using the system or any third party repository to install FlareGet. However, still to ensure we wouldn’t end up having some package incompatibility, run the system update command once.

sudo apt update


2. Download FlareGet

Unlike open source software packages, FlareGet is not available to install using the official Ubuntu repositories. Therefore, to download the Debian binary for FlareGet, visit its offcial download page. There, select Download Deb package for 64-bit systems.

Download FlareGet for Linux


3. Install FlareGet on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Once you have the binary of this free Linux download manager, switch to Downloads folder. It is becuase whatever we get from browser goes into that directory by default.

cd Downloads

After that check whether the downloaded file is there or not. For that use:


Finally, if the file is there, run the APT package manager to install it.

sudo apt install ./flareget_*_amd64.deb


4. Browser Integration Setup

Once the installation is completed, go to application launcher and search for FlareGet. Soon you will have the icon of this software, click the same to launch it.

Now, if you want Flareget to grab the downloads from browser automatically then select the type of browser by clicking on the corresponding button given for that. This will open the extension page of the program in the browser to install it.

Browser Integration Setup


5. Download Manager Interface

Here is the interface of this free download manager that you will get once the installation is completed. You can manually Add URLs to download or use the YouTube grabber for downloading videos.

Install FlareGet on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS


6. Uninstall or Remove FlareGet

Those who don’t want FlareGet to be on their system they can remove it in the same way they have installed it. Just open your command terminal and run:

sudo apt remove flareget


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