How to install and use WinSCP on Ubuntu Linux

WinSCP is a popular FTP client that is only available for Windows operating systems, however, if you are familiar with it and want to use WinSCP on Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu then Wine is the best option.

This software is popular for its easy-to-use interface and stability with all other features it provides to easily transfer the data to FTP Server and download the same from there.

Although WinSCP also can be used via the command line, however, to make it easy for everyone, this FTP via SSH client comes with a graphical user interface. The drag-and-drop support for files and folders is there which makes the transfer of data simple and for this just like FileZilla, WinSCP also offers a two-windows design. One is for showing all the files available on the computer’s local drive while the other is for the remote server.  WinSCP also displays tree structures graphically.

Install and use WinSCP FTP Client on Linux Ubuntu

Although FileZilla is already present natively to install for the Linux operating system, yet, if you want to have a WinSCP FTP client then it’s possible to use it just like any other native Linux application. See: How to install FileZilla Server on Ubuntu 20.04/18.04 Linux

The given steps will be the same for earlier Ubuntu versions such as Ubuntu 224.04/20.04/18.04 LTS/ 16.04 including Linux Mint, Debian, Elementary OS, and MX Linux. If you want to use this tutorial for CentOS & Redhat-based Linux distros, then the only difference will be there in installing Wine.

Open Command Terminal

To install most of the programs on Linux, we have to use the command line, therefore, open a command terminal on your Linux. If you are on Ubuntu then can use the shortcut Ctrl+ALT+T.

Install Wine Windows Program runner

We already have created a detailed tutorial where we have shown how to install and configure Wine on Ubuntu-based Linux systems. Please, first go through this article and set up the Wine using the given link. Once you do that, then start following the further steps given here.

Download the WinSCP FTP client

As there is no official version of WinSCP for Linux, thus, we downloaded the Windows one available on its website page. After that will use the Wine in the next step to install it. Therefore, open your browser and use this link to get this tool.

Download WinSCP FTP client on Linux

Install WinSCP on Ubuntu 20.04 or 18.04 LTS Linux

Now, get back to Terminal, and as we know whatever we download from the browser, by default goes to the Downloads folder. Therefore, first, switch to that. The command is:

cd Downloads

Run WinSCP executable file with Wine

To see all the files type:


Now, you will see the available WinSCP executable file, use that with the Wine command to install it over your Linux OS.

Here is the command to run.

wine WinSCP-*-Setup.exe
Install WinSCP command with wine

Select Install mode

The software installation wizard will open, select the “Install for all users” options and move forward.

Select Setup install mode

Setup WinSCP

Click on the Accept button to agree with the terms and conditions.

Accept terms and conditions

Typical installation

Select the Recommended typical install that will automatically configure the destination folder to set up WinSCP and all other components.

Typical installation

Interface selection

If you want FileZilla like a two-panel interface for getting both local and remote directories at one screen, the default one is selected i.e. “commander“.

User interface style

WinSCP for Linux Desktop and Applications shortcut

Once the installation is completed. Go to All Applications and search for “WinSCP” on Ubuntu Linux. As you find it, simply double-click on it to run.

WinSCP Linux app

Furthermore, a Desktop shortcut will also get created automatically, to use it, the user has to right-click on the icon and need to select the option- “Allow launching“.

Allow launching
Create WinSCP Linux desktop shortcut icon

Connect remote FTP server

From here, just like you use this FTP client on Windows 11/10/8/7, in the same way, enter the local or remote FTP server IP address and connect it.

Connect to server
Start Transferring WinSCP FTp client on Linux

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  1. command not found wine
    when i use “sudo apt install wine” give error
    so i used “sudo apt install wine –fix-missing” which work for me


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