How to enable EPEL repository on AlmaLinux 8

Why do we need an EPEL repository on our Linux OS such as AlmaLinux, RHEL, and CentOS?

RHEL, CentOS, and AlmaLinux official repository doesn’t offer all packages we need to install various common software. Thus, to fulfill this hollow space as compared to other Linux such as Ubuntu, the EPEL repository helps a lot. It offers additional packages for Enterprise Linux, which is administered by the Fedora Special Interest Group and they also ensure the high quality of the additional packages for Enterprise Linux.

It is s maintained by a community of people who generally volunteer their time and no commercial support is provided.

The good thing is the method to enable it is very simple and common for all RedHat-based Linux distros including AlmaLinux.  However, those who are new to this OS can follow the steps given here.

Installing EPEL on AlmaLinux 8

There is nothing complicated to add an Extra package repository for Enterprise Linux, just like CentOS or RHEL 8, run the simple given command in your command terminal of AlmaLinux and you will get EPEL enabled.

sudo dnf install epel-release


Enable EPEL repo on AlmaLinux 8


Run System update

After adding the EPEL, run the update command, to let the system rebuild the repository cache. So, that you will not face any problem while installing any package available via this repo.

sudo dnf update


Check the added EPEL version

Although there is no need for that because while installing it, the version for the same has already been displayed, in case you want to confirm it again, here is the command:

 rpm -q epel-release



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