How to Download Youtube videos on Ubuntu 22.04 using GUI APP

Learn how to use a simple graphical application to download the Youtube videos on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy JellyFish without using the command.

Although we don’t require downloading YouTube videos because they are always available online to stream, yet, if you have an internet connection problem then we have to. Yes, we can download the Youtube videos by using a simple graphical app called – Youtube Downloader. It is available through the SNAP  repository, and hence can be installed on any modern Ubuntu operating system.

This app we are going to use here, apart from grabbing the Youtube videos, can also be used to convert the videos to MP3. It supports password-protected and private videos, can download single videos or whole playlists, and has the ability to automatically selects a video format based on your quality demands.

Steps to download Youtube Videos on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy

The commands given here can be used on Ubuntu’s other versions such as 20.04/18.04 including Linux Mint, Elementary OS, MX Linux, and more…

1. Run APT update

Perform the system update with the help of the APT package manager for refreshing the repository cache to make sure all the installed packages are up to date.

sudo apt update


2. Install YouTube downloader on Ubuntu 22.04

On the latest versions of Ubuntu, the SNAP package managers are enabled by default, hence we can install many applications available through the Snapcraft repository. The best thing is Snap is a universal package manager which means even if you are using the CentOS, Rocky Linux, or any other Linux you can use it to get the Youtube downloader.

sudo snap install video-downloader


3. How to download Youtube videos

Once you have the software on your Ubuntu 22.04, go to Application launcher and search for “YouTube Downloader”, when in the results, the icon of this software appears, click to run the same.

Launch youtbe downloader Linux app


4. Add Youtube video URL link

If you want to extract MP3 audio from your video then select the “Audio” tab whereas for those who want a complete video with audio as well just go for the “Video” tab.

Go to Youtube
Copy the URL of the video that you want to download.
Select the “Resolution” in which you want the video.
Finally, click on the “Download” button.

Steps to download youtube video on Ubuntu 22.04

Wait for some time, the application will start downloading the video.

Downloading Youtube Video on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy


5. Open Download Location

Once the video downloading is completed, click on the “Open Download Location” button, this will automatically open the folder where the software has saved the video.

Open Video Location Downloaded youtube video location


6. Uninstall or Remove

Those who don’t this software anymore on their Ubuntu Linux system can go for the given command to remove it.

sudo snap remove video-downloader



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