Failed to start system security services daemon (SSSD) Error

If you are getting the error “Failed to start system security services daemon (SSSD) Error” while booting your CentOS, Redhat, AlmaLinux, or Rocky Linux, there here are the steps to follow.

Restart your PC and from the boot menu select Rescue mode. This will allow you to boot successfully your system in safe mode and you will have the command line interface of yours.

For example: See the below screenshot:

Failed to start system security services daemon SSSD Error

Once you have the Command line terminal, perfrom  the below given commands:

Stop the SSSD Service

sudo systemctl stop sssd

Reinstall the sssd-common package

sudo yum reinstall sssd-common

Then Start the SSSD service

sudo systemctl start sssd

Check Status:

sudo systemctl status sssd

Now, reboot and start your system in normal mode and this time you will not face the system security services daemon failure error.


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