Don’t like Windows 11? Four Linux alternatives based on Ubuntu

Find a few good Ubuntu-based Linux distros as alternatives to Windows 11, so that you can still use your old hardware without losing security updates…

With Windows 11 Microsoft has put some restrictions that make old hardware configuration system users unable to use it. Trust Platform Module 2 and Secure boot are some of the core requirements our system needs to full fill to install Win 11. Apart from that with Windows 11 22H2, Microsoft is also putting Pro editions users mandatory to use a Microsoft account to log in. Taking all these things into consideration, users who are worried about their privacy and at the same time want their old system to have a new life can go for Linux.

In the world of Linux – Ubuntu is a name that is quite popular among Desktop users because of software availability and ease of usage. Although the users can customize the Ubuntu Desktop to give it a familiar look, however, there are many Linux distros out of the box that mimics the Windows look. Here we discuss what are those…

Note: Those who are using Windows 10, don’t have to worry now because Microsoft will support it until the end of support in 2025

Ubuntu-based Alternatives to switch from Windows 11

1. ZorinOS

ZorinOS since its inception trying to provide a Linux alternative to Windows but with a similar interface. It is based on Ubuntu LTS to ensure the users will have long-term update support. The current ZorinOS 16 version while writing this article was based on Ubuntu 20.04.

It is available in three editions- Pro, Core, and Lite. The latter two editions are free, whereas the Pro edition is a paid one with a lot of extra features such as Windows 11 like the start menu. Linux rarely requires a fee but the paid Pro or Ultimate edition of Zorin not only offers more choice with the Design Switcher but also, for example, additional programs and games.

Window 11 alternative zorin OS

Apart from Windows 11 can set up a desktop similar to Windows 10 or Windows 7, for example, as well as a desktop similar to macOS in the paid Ultimate Edition.



2. UbuntuDDE

UbuntuDDE is another Linux distribution based on Ubuntu with one of the most beautiful Desktop environments i.e Deepin, DDE in short. This one is also Ubuntu LTS-based system with a macOS like Dock menu or bottom taskbar with a Windows 10-like start menu.

Users can switch to a dark or light theme with transparent effects. In short, the users will have the same Ubuntu OS but with DDE Desktop. One thing which might bother users is that even though the current version of Ubuntu is 22.04, the latest version of UbuntuDDE was still based on Ubuntu 21.04 while writing this article. Nevertheless, if you are familiar with Linux then you can upgrade it to the latest LTS version of Ubuntu easily.


UbuntuDDE Windows 11 alternative Linux


3. KDE Neon – Windows 11 alternative

KDE Neon can be considered a Windows 11 alternative because of the beautiful interface. It is also based on the latest Ubuntu LTS version. However, unlike the Ubuntu flavor with KDE – Kubuntu, KDE Neon always offers the latest KDE version.

Windows’s similar interface and design of KDE desktop make it easily adaptable by the users. Nevertheless, its design or theme is not like Windows 11 or entirely like Win 1o or 7, but it still, convinces the users with its accents. The decision to go with KDE entirely of users at least Windows changes don’t have to be completely relearned.

Just like other Linux distros, KDE neon is also the stable Ubuntu LTS-based OS.


KDE Neon Linux alternative to Windows 11


4. Linux Mint Debian or Ubuntu Edition

Another Linux in the Windows 11 alternatives list is the Mint. It is one of the popular Linux when it comes to finding an open-source operating system to replace Windows.

Users who want a Ubuntu-based Mint can go for its regular edition whereas those who like Debian can go for LMDE. However, the Desktop environment will be the same in both the editions i.e Cinnamon. The Desktop interface is quite like Windows 7 and users would not find themselves in some alien world. Moreover, due to Debian or Ubuntu base, hundreds of free software are available to easily install using the command terminal or GUI software app.


Linux Mint for Virtual Machine distro


Are the above-given Linux distros one-to-one alternatives to Windows 11?

The answer is NO. The common thing between the alternative and Windows given in this article is modern design and similar Desktop concepts. However, in terms of software and architecture, they are different. The key thing which makes Windows special is the availability of a variety of professional software such as Adobe. Although many popular proprietary applications are now available for Linux as well, those are not can be installed using Wine Emulator. Yet, not a perfect solution because it usually never runs software as smoothly under Linux as applications run natively under Windows.

Hence, here we are not saying the given Linux solutions are the exact replacements for Windows, however those who are not interested in using some particular Windows application. Then you can easily switch to the above-given distros because all common desktop applications such as surfing, office, listening to music, watching videos, or everyday things like printing, etc. work with Linux with ease.


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