How to Install Angular on Debian 12 BookWorm

Install Angular App on Debian 12

Angular is a widely well-known open-source web application framework used among Developers for building dynamic and single-page apps. It has been rewritten completely by the same team of developers who built AngularJS. The setting up of this framework is not a difficult task, however, if …

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How to install BalenaEtcher on Debian 12 BookWorm

command to install balenaetcher on Debian 12

BalenaEtcher can be used on any popular operating system including Debian 12 Bookworm Linux. It is free and open-source software that is meant to create bootable USD drives and SD cards using various ISO or IMG format images. For example you want to install some …

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Step-by-Step Guide: Installing Nextcloud on Debian 12

Nextcloud installation on Debian 12 Linux

Nextcloud is a powerful, self-hosted cloud storage and collaboration platform that empowers individuals and organizations to regain control over their data. In this detailed guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of installing Nextcloud on a fresh instance of Debian 12 Bookworm. Step …

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Installing Vanilla TeX Live on Debian 12 or 11 Linux

Installing TeXLive on Debian 12 or 11

TeX Live is a comprehensive distribution of the TeX typesetting system, which was originally developed by Donald Knuth. It provides all the essential components and packages for typesetting documents using TeX and its variants, such as LaTeX, ConTeXt, and others. It enables users to create …

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How to install Podman in Debian 12 or 11 Linux

Install Podamn on Debian 12, 11 or 10

Learn the commands to install and use Podman on Debian 12 or 11 Linux, a Docker alternative for creating virtual containers. Podman is open source and a user-friendly way to create virtual containers but with a daemon-less approach. That’s what makes it different from other …

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How to Enable Flatpak on Debian 12 or 11 Linux

Install Flatpak in Debian 12

Follow the guide to learn the commands to know how to install and enable Flatpak on Debian 12 Bookworm or 11 Bullseye for getting various open-source applications that are not available through the official repository of these Linux. Flatpak is a software distribution framework and …

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How to Change the Hostname in Debian 12 BookWorm

Setting up Debian 12 Hostname temporary

In Debian 12 and even in other operating systems hostname plays a quite important role. It helps the machine to get identified on a network. However, when we install OS, it sets the hostname automatically which sometimes needs to be personalized. In that case, to …

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