Install Mongodb Compass GUI in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Linux

MongoDB is a No-SQL database but without any graphical user interface, hence to make things the developers of the Database also provides MongoDB Common, here we know how to install MongoDB compass in Ubuntu 20.04 Linux.

The key difference to MySQL is that MongoDB is document-oriented. Document-based databases are designed for a schema-free structure. With MongoDB, there is no fixed table schema and therefore, for example, no mandatory relation tables and joins, which are becoming more and more complex with the further development and expansion of the database. Instead, relations can either be saved directly in the data record or, if necessary, created individually when querying the data.

Whereas, MongoDB Compass is a GUI tool for MongoDB that helps the users to Create, Read, Update and Delete databases/data graphically. This means no need to run the Mongo commands line for every task. Compass quickly gives a picture of your schema and determines the frequency, types, and range of values ​​of various fields in your data records. It also gives you full control over index creation, document validation, and much more.

Let’s see how to set it up on Ubuntu 20.04 Linux operating system.

Steps to install MongoDB Compass on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

The steps given here will also work for Ubuntu 18.04/21.04 including Debian, Linux Mint, POP!OS, and other similar operating systems.

1. Download MongoDB Compass for Linux

Unlike the MongoDB Database, the Compass is not available in the base repository of Ubuntu or Debian, thus we have to download it manually from its official website. Thus, go to the Compass download page using the link and on the right side click on the Platform drop-down box to select Ubuntu.

Download Compass


2. Open Ubuntu Command Terminal

From the Application launcher run Terminal, if you are on Ubuntu then can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+T. On the Terminal use the below command to switch to the Downloads directory because whatever we get from the browser goes, by default, into it.

cd Downloads

3. Install MongoDB Compass on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Now, let’s use the APT package manager to install Compass on Ubuntu Linux

sudo apt install ./mongodb-compass_*_amd64.deb


4. Run Compass GUI

If you want to start Compass from the command terminal then simply type – mongodb-compass and hit the Enter key. Whereas, you can use its shortcut available in the Application launcher. Go All Application and search for it, as the icon appears click to run the same.

Start compass on Ubuntu 20.04 to access mongoDB


4. Connect MongoDB Database

Now, if you have the Database instance installed of MongoDB on your local system where you have installed the Compass GUI then simply click on the Connect button.

Connect local MongoDB on Compass MongoDB Compass Install Linux Ubuntu 20


5. Connect remote Database instance

If your Database is installed on some remote system then to access it, click on the link ” Fill in connection fields individually” given there and then enter the remote database server connection details such as the hostname and username & Password. Also, make sure port 27017 is opened in the firewall of the remote server.

New Connection Connect remote MongoDB in Compass


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