How to Setup and use Google Drive on Ubuntu 20.04

Unlike Windows on Ubuntu’s latest versions such as 20.04 LTS, we don’t need to install any extra software to connect and use a Google Drive account. Everything is there and we just need to login into Ubuntu using a Google account.

One of the popular public cloud services to store data is Google Drive because of its free 15 GB storage. Most of the time to use that we visit Google  Drive’s website to upload and download files, however, you can save your time by accessing G – Drive storage directly on your machine like any other network drive. However, there is no official client from Google for Linux systems, well, still we can use it using the default GNOME Online Accounts feature available on Ubuntu and other Linux systems.

1. Open Settings

Go to Ubuntu Settings, you can search for it in Applications or directly click on the drop arrow gave on the right top side, to access the Power Menu.

2. Select Account

On the left side panel, you will find various options and one of them will be Accounts, select it to see further options.

3. log in to your Google Account

As Gnome Online Accounts offers various services to directly logged in from Ubuntu Linux, among them, you will also find Google.

Note: If you couldn’t see Google online Account option then install it using the below-given commands in the terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install gnome-online-accounts

Click on it and enter your Gmail email address and password.

Install Google Drive on Ubuntu 20.04 LTSc

Enter Google Account

Click Allow to let Gnome online Account service access your Google Account

Accept terms and conditions

Once the account gets connected, we can select what should get synced on the Ubuntu system.

Sync and backup Google drive account files on Ubuntu

4. Access Google Drive on Ubuntu 20.04

Finally, open File Manager on your Ubuntu Linux system, and on the left side area, you will see the connected Google Drive account represented using your Gmail Email ID. Click on it, to access all files available on your drive.

Google Drive in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

We can directly copy-past to sync or backup all the available files between the Ubuntu 20.04 Linux system and Google Drive.

All Google drive content on local Ubuntu machine

So, in this way, you can access our Google cloud storage files on Ubuntu Linux without using any official client…


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