How to install Zoom client on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Linux

Go through the commands to install Zoom Client on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy JellyFish for having a video conference and voice calls.

Zoom is a free software for holding audio calls and video conferences. The basic functions of Zoom can be used free of charge and registration is not absolutely necessary. Zoom is available both as a program for the computer and as an app for all Android and iOS devices.

Depending on the scope of the package, recordings of your video conference can also be viewed. If desired, artificial intelligence can capture transcripts of your conversations, which you can then edit further.

Zoom functions in the free version

Up to 100 participants are allowed in group meetings.
You can conduct unlimited meetings via Zoom. The same conditions also apply to video conferences.
It is also possible to record the meeting without any problems. During the conferences, you can also chat with everyone involved.
The application also offers the option of drawing attention to yourself without a microphone. In addition to the chat, various buttons are available for this purpose, with which you can, for example, “report”.
Screen sharing allows direct sharing or demonstration of content.
HD resolution is supported.
The conferences are also encrypted.
To use the free version, you need to register with Zoom.
The application can be used both within a company and between private individuals.

Steps to install Zoom client on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Linux

The steps given here are not only applicable to Ubuntu 22.04 but also to other Debian-based operating systems such as MX Linux, Linux Mint, and more…

#1st Method:

1. Run system update

Execute the system update command using the Apt package manager to ensure all the packages of our Ubuntu 22.04 are up to date.

sudo apt update

Install Wget:

sudo apt install wget


2. Download the Linux Zoom client

Zoom is not available to install through the official system repository of Ubuntu 22.04. Therefore, we have to download the Debian binary available for Zoom Client on its official website.



3. Install Zoom on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Once we have the Debian package of the Zoom client on our Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Linux, we can easily install the same using our system’s package manager APT.

sudo apt install ./zoom_amd64.deb

This will also resolve and install the required dependencies.


4. Run your Videoconferencing Software

Now, you will already have this video conferencing software on your Ubuntu Linux. To run it, go to the Application launcher and search for Zoom.

Run Zoom Linux Videoconferencing Software

install Zoom client on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS


#2nd Method: Using Snapd

5. Use Snap to install the Zoom client

Another way to install the Zoom client on Ubuntu 22.04 is to use the Snap package manager. We can use its single command to set this video conferencing client easily.

sudo snap install zoom-client


6. To update or Upgrade

If you have installed the client using SNAP then updating this application can easily be done using the command terminal.

sudo snap refresh zoom-client

Note: If you have used the first method given in this tutorial to install the Zoom client. Then we can follow all the steps given in the first method to update or get the latest version of this application.


7. Uninstallation or Remove

Those who don’t require the Zoom Linux client application on their Ubuntu 22.04 anymore can remove it:

For those who have used the first method:

sudo apt autoremove zoom --purge

If you have used the Snap, then:

sudo snap remove zoom-client


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  1. Method installed but won’t start. I can’t remove it because it doesn’t recognize there is a packag. Method 2 worked, but now I have stuck installed the one from method 1.


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