How to Install XFCE on Ubuntu 24.04 Server or Desktop

Changing the current desktop environment or adding a new one on Ubuntu 24.04 is not a difficult task. Most popular Linux desktop environments including XFCE are available to install using the default Ubuntu 24.04 LTS system repository. So, here in this tutorial, we learn how to use the Tasksel tool to install and configure XFCE  on Ubuntu Linux.

Access Terminal and run System update

Yes, we need to access the command terminal to install the packages and tools we require to install for XFCE. However, before that run the system update command given below. The shortcut to access their command terminal on Ubuntu Desktop is Ctrl+Alt+T.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

Install Tasksel

Ubuntu repository offers a tool called Tasksel, it is a command line utility available in Debian-based Linux, hence in Ubuntu as well. Tasksel offers group packages known as tasks, which we can install easily using its text-based package selection system. Among various packages, most of them are to install different popular desktop environments.

sudo apt install tasksel

Installing XFCE on Ubuntu 24.04

Once you have Tasksel installed, run it as shown in the given command to open a text-based package selection area.

sudo tasksel

Now, use the arrow keys and go to the package called XFCE, it is the desktop environment with all the necessary dependencies we want to install on Ubuntu 24.04 to get XFCE. To select it, press the “Space bar” key and then the “Tab” key to select OK, after that hit the Enter key to start the installation process.

Select XFCE taskel Ubuntu 24.04

Once the installation of XFCE is started in between the process it will ask to select the Display manager. You can select the default gdm3, however, if you want a lightweight display manager, which you might be, that’s why you are installing XFCE, therefore select “lightdm“, press Tab to move to OK, and hit Enter key.

Choose LightDM display manager

Switch to XFCE Desktop Environment

As your Ubuntu 24.04 is done with the XFCE installation process, restart your system. For that, you can use the command – sudo reboot

After rebooting, on the login screen, click on the Username, and then before entering the password, click on the Gear icon given on the right bottom side. There select the “XFCE session” and now type the password to log in.

Switch to XFCE from GNOME Ubuntu 24.04


Use XFCE on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS

Finally, after login, you will see the XFCE interface instead default Ubuntu 24.04 GNOME. Well, the user still can switch back to the GNOME interface in the same way we have switched to XFCE in the previous step.

Installing XFCE on Ubuntu 24.04 server or desktop

Uninstall XFCE

If you are planning to remove the XFCE from your Ubuntu 24.04 then first switch to the default Gnome Interface after that open the command terminal and run the given command

sudo tasksel

Just uncheck the XFCE from the list using the Spacebar key and then use Tab to select the OK button.

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