How To Install Robo 3T on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy Linux

Tutorial to install Robot 3T or Studio 3T free on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy JellyFish using the command line to get a Graphical user interfaces for managing your Mongo DB server instance.

Robo 3T offer MongoDB a GUI interface tool that is maintained and provided by the developers of MongoDB client Studio 3T (paid one with 30 days trial). Formerly, Robo 3T is known as Robomongo, and now Studio 3T Free. It is also a cross-platform MongoDB GUI management tool available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. On one hand, the Studio 3T is a paid tool, whereas the Studio 3T Free is a free version with users can build queries using drag and drop functionality, generate driver code in seven languages, break down aggregation queries, plus more.

It allows CSV, JSON, SQL, and BSON import/export, MongoDB task scheduling, data masking for protection, data schema exploration, real-time code auto-completion, and more.

Studio 3T Free core features:

Native and cross-platform MongoDB manager
Easy to handle interface
Lightweight MongoDB GUI provider
Less consumption of system resources
Visual tool helping you manage Database
Has embedded real MongoDB shell
Real auto-completion
Support for importing from MongoDB SRV connection strings
Support for SCRAM-SHA-256 auth mechanism
Create/Edit/View User
Supported cloud platforms are MongoDB Atlas, Compose, mLab, ObjectRocket, ScaleGrid, Amazon EC2

Steps to install Robo 3T or Studio 3T free on Ubuntu 22.04

The steps given here can be used for other versions of Ubuntu such as 20.04 or 18.04 including on Linux such as Debian, Linux Mint, and more…

Update Ubuntu 22.04

Let’s execute the given command to install the latest available security updates for our system. This will also rebuild the system’s APT package index. Open your terminal and run:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade


Download Studio 3T free (Robo 3T)

Unfortunately, Studio 3T free version is not available to install using the standard repository of Ubuntu 22.04. Therefore, we have to download it manually from its website. Here is the link to visit.

Download Studio 3T free Robo 3T Ubuntu 22.04


Extract the Tar file

Once you have downloaded the Robot 3T now known as a Studio 3T Free, go to the Downloads directory. Because whatever we download using the browser goes into that.

On your command terminal, use:

cd Downloads

Now, to see whether the downloaded file is there or not use:


As you are confirmed, the Studio 3T free file is there, extract it first:

tar -xvf studio-3t-linux-x64.tar.gz

Extract Robo 3T free


Install Studio 3T free on Ubuntu 22.04

After extracting the Tar archived file we have downloaded, you will have a script to install Studio 3T free on Ubuntu 22.04 system.

Provide permission to execute it.

sudo chmod +x

Run the script to start the installation process:

sudo bash

As you run the script, a GUI Setup will open. Click on the Next button to start the Setup Wizard.

MongoDB GUI Ubuntu Wizard

Select Destination Directory

By default, the setup wizard will create the installation directory for Studio 3T under the /opt. If you want to change that then do that in this step otherwise leave the default settings as it is and click on the Next button.

Studio 3T installation directory

Follow the Setup wizard and click on the Finish button to create a desktop shortcut.

Create Robo 3T Desktop icon

Product Activation

To use Studio 3T Free on Ubuntu 22.04, we have to activate it first. For that when you will have the “Studio 3T activation Wizard” click on the Next button.

Studio 3T Activation Wizard

Soon, this will open the system browser to sign in to your Studio 3T account. If you don’t have one then either click on the “Sign up” link or use the “Continue with Google” button.

Register product Studio 3T Ubuntu 22.04

Enter the First Name and Last Name that you want to use to register the product.

Complete Robo 3T registration


Studio 3T free Interface on Ubuntu 22.04

Finally, you can connect to your Mongo DB instance to start managing it using the Studio 3T GUI Interface. Once the 30 days trial period is ended, your Studio 3T premium will automatically get converted to Studio 3T Free edition to use always as a free product.

Install Studio 3T or Robo 3T on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy


Uninstall or Remove

In case due to any reason you need to remove Studio 3T, then here is the command to follow:

sudo bash /opt/studio3t/uninstall

Studio 3T uninstall


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