What is the Difference Between XRDP and RDP

Differences Between XRDP and RDP

If we quickly differentiate RDP and XRDP, then RDP is a protocol developed by Microsoft for Windows systems whereas XRDP is the open-source implementation of the same protocol for Linux systems. Sometimes new users may get confused between XRDP and RDP when it comes to …

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How to Check RDP service in Linux offered by XRDP

List Active RDP sessions on Linux using command

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is not directly available on Linux systems, hence to enable it on Linux, we use open-source implementations of RDP with the help of solutions like XRDP. However, managing XRDP server remote desktop sessions on Linux can be challenging if you don’t …

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How to install the RDP plugin for Remmina?

Installing Plugins for Remmina

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a familiar way to connect and access remotely running Windows using another Windows system. However, Linux users can also do the same but with the help of a software called “Remmina”. In the open source category, Remmina is quite a …

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3 Ways to install Remmina on Linux mint via Terminal

Run and use Remmina on Linux Mint

Remmina is software available for Linux to get access to remote computer systems over a network. Here we learn the steps and commands to install Remmina on the latest Linux Mint 20.1| 20.2 or earlier version system using the terminal. Unlike Windows, Linux Mint doesn’t …

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krdc: Access Windows 10 from Ubuntu 20.04 KDE RDP

Remote Desktop connection view on Ubuntu 20.04

There was a time when most of the systems were running only on Microsoft Windows. However that time has gone, now the market is full of diversity, thanks to Linux operating systems. And Ubuntu is one of them, that is quite popular among Desktop as …

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