Example of Parsing and Processing HTML/XML in PHP: Quick Guide

Example of Parsing and Processing HTML XML in PHP

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and XML (eXtensible Markup Language) are widely used to structure and represent web data. Parsing involves breaking down these documents into a format that’s readable and usable for applications. So, while working with web data, it is essential to understand how …

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How to Install PHP-Zip Module on Amazon Linux 2023

PHP ZIP extension install amazon linux 2023

The PHP-Zip module or extension is required for PHP-based web applications that deal in ZIP archives and files within the app. If you’re working on a web project that involves the compression and decompression of files, you have to install the PHP-Zip module otherwise your …

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How to Install Nextcloud on Amazon Linux 2023

NextCloud installation on Amazon Linux 2023

Sharing files and collaborating on different projects is a key need of businesses and even of individuals in today’s world where data plays an important role in our lives. So, to make the data, we need, accessible by us everywhere we can use the ‘Internet …

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Installing MariaDB on Amazon Linux 2023

Install MariaDB 10.05 on Amazon Linux 2023

MariaDB is the fork of the popular MySQL Database management system that can be easily installed on Amazon Linux 2023 using the default repositories. It is also open source and almost all server Linux distros made it available readily for users because MariaDB has gained …

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Installing MySQL 8 server & client on Amazon Linux 2023

Install MySQL Server on Amazon Linux 2023

MySQL Database server can easily be installed on Amazon Linux 2023 using the command. It is an open-source relational database management system hence available directly from most of the Linux distro’s official package repositories. It is a widely used Database server developed by Oracle and …

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How to install Java 17 on Amazon linux 2023

Installing Java 17 on Amazon 2023 Linux

Java 17 version released by Oracle comes with new features and improvements to the Java programming language. If you’re running Amazon Linux 2023 and need to install Java 17, then Corretto is the best way to get it. Here in this quick guide, we take …

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How to install Python 3.8 on Amazon Linux 2023

install Python 3.8 on Amazon Linux 2023

Python is now a widely used programming language in various fields including Machine learning and AI. It is a versatile language known for its clarity and readability. Despite the latest versions of the programming language developers often need to work on some old software that …

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Use Python’s PIP to install WordCloud Library

Create wordcloud PIP python

‘Word clouds’ is nothing but a way to use Python for visually displaying the frequency of words in a text dataset. There is a library called WorldCloud that we can use in Python to provide a quick overview of the most common words within the …

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