How to find the IP address of a Guest in VirtualBox?

find virtualBox VM ipaddress using command

VirtualBox is one of the popular ways to run multiple virtual machines on a single hardware system running with either Windows, Linux, or MacOS. There are no limitations on how many guest operating systems we can run using Virtualbox, as long as our physical machine …

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Installing Kernel Headers on AlmaLinux 9 or Rocky Linux 9

install kernel devel header Almalinux or Rocky Linux

Kernel headers are packages that are essential for building and installing third-party kernel modules or device drivers because they provide definitions of structures, constants, and function prototypes. That’s why Kernel headers, are also known as Kernel development packages. It contains important header files and development …

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Installing Apache on AlmaLinux 9 or Rocky Linux 9

apache installation Almalinux 9 or rocky 9

Apache HTTP Server popularly known as “Apache” is an open-source web server software platform to host and serve websites or web apps. Because of the performance and reliability along with the ability to scale up, this web server is popular even among the service providers …

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How to Install Mosh on AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux 9/8

Install Mosh on AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux

Mosh is an abbreviation for “Mobile Shell” which is a remote terminal application for Linux and other OS platforms. It is designed to reduce latency and is a good alternative to traditional SSH where the network connection is unreliable. Mosh allows you to switch network …

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How to install Oracle Java 8 on AlmaLinux or RockyLinux 8/9

Rocky or almalinux install java 8

AlmaLinux or RockyLinux are enterprise Linux operating systems and perfect choices for hosting or running server applications. They are free and open source, so anyone can use them to set up their Linux infrastructure. However, the default Java available through their repositories is OpenJDK which …

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What is the difference between OpenVZ and Docker?

difference between OpenVZ and Docker

In the modern world, where PC hardware is getting extremely powerful and advanced, we cannot bear the wastage of computing resources, therefore virtualization technology is the only solution to fully use their capabilities. So, to ensure the user will have the benefit of virtualization as …

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