6 Top Linux Distros for Business PC or Laptops

Protect your business data and employees’ privacy with the help of the best Linux distros on their PC, Laptop including on your servers.

Whether it is to start a small-medium business or you already have a well-established enterprise, IT hardware costs a good chunk of financial investment. And above that purchasing licensing of paid operating systems and software, of course, is always an additional expense. Well, those days are gone when we didn’t have some solid Windows alternative with all common programs to support day-to-day office and personal tasks. Linux-based operating systems are the best options today if you don’t want to invest money in OS and other common applications such as Office Suite. Furthermore, most of the developers one way or other rely on Linux distros for their tasks. Therefore, if you are planning to switch to Linux distros, then are some best suitable options for your business computers.

Best Linux Operating systems for Business PC or Laptops

1. Debian Linux

Few people may argue that Debian is not the best, maybe not for a common user, but when it comes to business purposes Debian stability is one of the reasons it can be your priority. This is not the only reason, a wide range of applications and other common packages support, APT package manager, Long term support are some others; even the server administrators can rely on it.

It is available in multiple desktop environments, so one can get it with an Interface that suits his/her tastes. And if the pre-configured Desktop environment ISO Images are not the one you want, dozens of other Graphical Interface can be installed on Debian using its system repository.

Another favorable thing is the community support along with hundreds of tutorials available online to solve various user problems. However, the availability of the latest version of the packages will not be there by default using the base repo to maintain the stability of the system; hence the system users need to add the Backport repo on Debian to manually fetch them. You can learn more about it at Enable Backports in Debian Linux.

In short, once installed, just forget this Linux operating system

Debian 11 Bullseye


2. Manjaro Linux

Yes, an Arch-based Linux. Many people have a notion that Arch-based Linux is difficult to operate and use. But this is wrong when it comes to Manjaro Linux. For me, it is easier to install Applications on Manjaro Linux than Ubuntu. The reason is out of the box it has Snap, Flatpak, and AUR repos to install various open-source including propriety applications with just one click from the graphical Software manager.

Also, Manjaro offers all the popular Graphical Desktop environments such as Cinnamon, KDE, Deepin, and more to download. Moreover, this is Linux reliable and fast as well.

Manjaro best Gaming Linux


3. AlmaLinux/Rocky Linux

After the Redhat announcement of seizing the Long term support version of CentOS, the two Linux- AlmaLinux and Rocky came into existence as few best alternatives to it. Also, they are one-to-one Binary compatible with RedHat which ensures the users will have the best possible stable environment to work with security and long-term support. However, generally, RHEL based OS are used either on Servers or by system administrators. Therefore, if you have just started a small business and looking for the best Server/admin operating systems based on RHEL, then these can be your options.

command to install KDE plasma desktop GUI AlmaLinux


4. Ubuntu

Here it is, the Linux you might be waiting for. All-rounder Linux Os for Servers and Desktops, enough capable to become default OS for Laptop/PC available in your business space.

Well, there is a wide list of advantages when it comes to Ubuntu Linux- Based on Debian, a Dedicated software center, Clean custom Gnome Interface; Long term support, in-built Software center, support for business users, and more…

So, no doubt Ubuntu is in the top-most preference of users when it comes to Desktop operating systems in Linux. Well, the major reason few criticisms Ubuntu has to bear is it seems, its developer- Canonical moving a little bit away from the open-source identity of the OS with every update instead of working along with the open-source community. And that can be seen in SnapStore which is wholly controlled by the company.

Nevertheless, for security, privacy, and availability of hundred applications; Business users surely can install Ubuntu on their Laptops or PC Desktops.



5. OpenSUSE

This one is not as popular among general users as it should be. It may seem complicated but believe me, it is much easier to manage and install applications on OpenSUSE than RedHat. It comes with a GUI Software Package manager to install various open-source apps in few clicks.

Also, it uses easy to handle Zypper as a package manager, yes, existing RedHat or Debian users would take some time to get used to it.

When it comes to configuring Graphical environments, users can select one from the given options in Installation Wizard of the OS. Another key benefit of OpenSUSE is its Autoyast deployment option meant for unattended mass deployment of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server systems and it provides a good amount of control over the new deployments. Also, it uses RMP packages.

So, if you are planning to go for RedHat then once try OpenSUSE at least. However, one thing which lacks is the availability of all types of third-party applications, generally available for Ubuntu or Debian. Hence, SUSE is best for little bit experienced users.

OpenSUSE Best Business Linux


6. Linux Mint

Yes, I am not going to forget this one, Linux Mint is one of the best consumer Linux operating systems for laptops or Desktops. And indeed for your business employees as well. As we know all of the employees working for your company are not technically sound and most of them would be from Windows OS background. Hence, to give them a Windows-like user interface while having the stability of Ubuntu and the ability to install any of Debian packages, Linux Mint is the best option to go.

Best Linux Mint for Business laptops


Apart from them other Ubuntu flavors such as Elementary OS, Pop!OS and Zorin OS are also nice options to use on Laptops or Desktops…


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