How to install git LFS in Amazon Linux 2 – AWS EC2

Install Git LFS command for Amazon Linux 2

Git LFS (Large File Storage) is an open-source Git extension developed by GitHub. It is created to handle files that are large and cannot be managed easily by Git itself. Git LFS replaces large files in your Git repository with small “pointer” files and stores …

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How to directly install npm package from GitHub repository

Install Github Package directly using NPM

NPM doesn’t need an introduction if you are a developer. Anyway, it is a package manager that is used by popular Nodejs JavaScript to install various packages, dependencies, and modules. Using it developers can have a central packages repository to use for their projects, this …

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What is Sourcetree and Bitbucket?

whats is SourceTree and BitBucket min

In this article, we discuss quickly and understand what exactly is the difference between Sourcetree and Bitbucket. This helps beginners to start with these two Git tools. What is SourceTree? Sourcetree is a software to provide a graphical interfaced Git and Mercurial client to developers …

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How to rename a Local Git branch?

rename a Local Git branch

It is easily possible to rename the existing local branch of GIT using the command- git branch and option -m on our system. We can use this command to rename the branch in case we have named it wrongly or just want to change it …

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How to delete a Git branch locally and remotely?


To delete a Git branch locally, you can use the git branch command with the -d option followed by the name of the branch you want to delete. For example: This will delete the my-branch branch from your local repository. To delete a Git branch …

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