List Open or closed Ports in UFW Firewall on Ubuntu

List UFW firewall ports open

See the commands of the UFW firewall on Ubuntu Linux to list the open ports that are allowed or denied to be accessed from outside the network.  UFW stands for uncomplicated firewall. The goal of UFW is to provide an uncomplicated command line-based frontend for …

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4 Best Linux Open source Firewall for Cyber Security – 2022

OPNsense is an open source firewall distribution

To save our system from the outside world, we need a dedicated software platform called “Firewall”. In this article, we will discuss some best-known open-source firewalls based on Linux to protect networks and computers from cyber security threats.  We need a well-configured Firewall, which is …

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How to install and use Firewalld on Almalinux 8

Install FirewallD GUI on Almalinux 8

Firewalls are one of the most essential parts of security when we are going online. Here we learn the steps and command to install, configure, and how to use FirewallD on AlmaLinux 8 using CLI or GUI. Many of us who are not already Linux …

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