How to create a Systemd service unit file in Linux

create a Systemd service unit file in Linux min

A service is a program that runs automatically when the computer starts and waits in the background to do its job. A service usually does not have a graphical user interface and works without user interaction. The best-known services are certain web, mail, or database …

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Command to Install fish shell on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

install and use Fish Shell on Ubuntu Linux

Fish Shell is meant to be an interactive and user-friendly command-line shell, where, FISH stands for a friendly interactive shell. The advantage that the Fish Shell offers in scripting is the Ada/Modula-2-like syntax, which can lead to more readable texts in complex scripts. As with …

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Install Apache Tomcat on AlmaLinux 8

Install Apache Tomcat on AlmaLinux 8 min

Apache Tomcat is an open-source web server that allows you to run web applications written in Java. Just like the popular Apache web server, Tomcat is also developed and maintained by a free community of developers. requirements 64-bit RHEL Linux Server or the one based …

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Install Dig on AlmaLinux 8 / Rocky Linux

Install and use DIG DNS look up on AlmaLinux or Rocky Server

a dig is a simple tool used by network administrators for looking up Domain Name System (DNS).  It is a command-line tool and here we learn how to install dig on AlmaLinux 8 or Rocky Linux. What is dig (domain information groper)? dig (domain information …

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