How to Select a directory name during untarring?

Extract Tar with some different folder name

Learn how to select a folder name to extract Tar or Tar.gz compressed archives, so that it automatically saves the files in our desired location while extracting them. What is Untarring? As we know Tar is a popular command utility in Linux systems for Archiving …

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What are Tar and Gz? Difference between them.

tar and gz

While working in Linux you would have seen files downloaded from the internet ended up with either “.tar” or “.tar.gz”. Now, what are these extensions? Both of these imply the file is in Archived format that could contain a single file or multiple folders but …

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What is the Tar command in Linux?

Tar command in Linux

The tar in Linux is a commonly used lightweight command line tool for creating file archives and compressing them. Not only for archiving, but users can also use it for extracting, and manipulating existing archives as well. The name “tar” derived from “tape archive” because …

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How to list all running & stopped Docker containers

command list all stopped and runnin docker containers

Docker is the popular platform to run container virtual machines using the pre-built app images. The installation and its usage are pretty simple, yet, if you are new to it and want to know how to list all the created or stopped Docker containers to …

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How to create a Systemd service unit file in Linux

create a Systemd service unit file in Linux min

A service is a program that runs automatically when the computer starts and waits in the background to do its job. A service usually does not have a graphical user interface and works without user interaction. The best-known services are certain web, mail, or database …

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Command to Install fish shell on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

install and use Fish Shell on Ubuntu Linux

Fish Shell is meant to be an interactive and user-friendly command-line shell, where, FISH stands for a friendly interactive shell. The advantage that the Fish Shell offers in scripting is the Ada/Modula-2-like syntax, which can lead to more readable texts in complex scripts. As with …

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