How to install brave browser on Ubuntu 20.04

Brave browser on Linux min

Is the Brave browser available for Linux? Yes, Brave browser is another popular software to surf the internet securely, it is popular because of the powerful ad-blocking function. Just like Chrome, the Brave browser is also available to install on all mainstream Linux operating systems …

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How to install memcahed on CentOS 8 Linux

Check PHP Memcache support

Memcached is a high-performance open-source cache server for easy storage and retrieval of data from the main memory. Memcached is often used in connection with web applications to improve their performance by proving object cache. In the standard configuration, Memcached listens on port 11211 / …

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Reset CentOS 8/RHEL 8 forgot root password

Change forgotten Redhat or centos 8 Password min

CentOS 8 is widely used by users to set up various server environments, thus a strong password is needed. However, somehow, if you forget the root password then the only way to get access to it is by resetting. In this tutorial, we will show …

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How to install KDE Plasma 5 GUI on CentOS 8 Linux

KDE plasma installation CentOS 8 Linux server

KDE Plasma is the desktop environment for Linux offered by the KDE development team. It is quite popular because of its effects and beautiful graphical elements along with a huge range of applications. Earlier Plasma was the default graphical user interface for CentOS but with …

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How to block specific port on CentOS 8 such as 22

Block Specific port number on Centos 8-min

Network services work using some specific port number on computer systems whether it is Linux, Windows, macOS, or any other. For example, the Apache webserver uses port 80 or 443 by default. However, we can change them, but worldwide by default, every service over the …

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How to install & Enable OpenSSH server on CentOS 8 Linux

SSH status check CentOS-min

SSH stands for Secure Shell. As its name implies, SSH is meant to access the Server or Desktop Shell in Windows, macOS, Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, and all others), and other available operating systems remotely. It is basically a network protocol, which means set rules to …

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How to install and configure VNC Server on CentOS 8

CentOS 8 VNC view on Windows 10 remotely

To access CentOS Linux from Windows 10 or 7 remotely is not like windows-to-windows via RDP. On Linux, we have to install a third-party software manually to easily access them remotely. For example, open-source tight VNC server, and here will show how to use it …

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