How to Install Jenkins on AlmaLinux 8 or Rocky Linux

Jenkins installed Dashboard on Almalinux or Rocky

Here we’ll see the commands to install Jenkins on RPM-based AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux for building and testing of applications. What is Jenkins?  Jenkins ( fork of the Hudson) is a web-based open source continuous integration server system. It is written in Java and is …

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How to install Mattermost on Rocky Linux 8

Mattermost Dashboard Rocky Linux

Mattermost is an open-source instant messaging service. It comes in both free and paid versions. It can be operated either in the cloud or on-premise as a web application. Here we learn how to install and configure Mattermost on Rocky Linux. Mattermost enables the communication …

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How to install Kitematic docker manager on CentOS 7/8

Kitematic Docker RPM install on CentOS 7 or 8

Kitematic is a popular Docker GUI management platform that is available for Ubuntu, macOS, and Windows OS. However other distros such as CentOS, OpenSUSE, Fedora, RHEL, etc can build it from source, however, that is not a feasible option for beginners. Thus, instead of that, …

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How to install CentOS 8 Stream on WSL Windows 10

Run Installer CentOS 8 Stream for Windows 10

Microsoft doesn’t offer CentOS 8 Stream Linux app on its Store to run for WSL-Windows 10 subsystem for Linux. Therefore, here are the steps to install it manually on Windows 10. Ubuntu, Debian, and Kali including OpenSUSE are some popular Linux distros that are available …

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