How to create AlmaLinux 8 Bootable USB Drive

Create AlmaLinux bootable USB drive

If you want to install AlmaLinux on Desktop PC, Laptop, or Server hardware, then using a bootable USB drive will be a great idea. There are dozens of ways to create a bootable Linux USB drive using various free software such as Rufus, Unetbootin, BalenaEtcher, …

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How to install Balena Etcher on Manjaro Linux?

Balena Etcher installed on Manajro Linux

Manjaro, a Linux based on Arch and one of the best for beginners to go with. If you want to install BalenaEthcer on Manajro Linux then here are the quick steps to follow. Balena Etcher is an open-source software to quickly create a bootable USB …

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7 Best Ubuntu Live USB Creators to Download & Use

Try Ubuntu without installing

Ubuntu live USB Creators allow us to flash Pen drives using the ISO image of Linux operating systems that support Live environments. Here we will list and talk about how to use those. Live Environment is not just limited to Ubuntu only, most of the …

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How to use Fedora ISO to create bootable USB drive

Create Fedora ISO USB bootable drive

Do you want to try out Fedora on your PC or Desktop? Then here is the way to use its ISO file to create a bootable USB installation medium on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Fedora is the RPM-based Linux distribution supported by the RedHat foundation, …

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How to create Proxmox bootable USB drive for installation

Install Proxmox using a Bootable USB drive

In this tutorial, we will learn the steps to create Proxmox Virtualization bootable USB drive on Linux, Windows, or macOS to install it on a Server, PC, or Laptop for creating virtual machines. Proxmox is an open-source bare-metal virtualization solution that can turn your system …

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