How to install GIMP on AlmaLinux 8 / Rocky Linux 8

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a good free alternative to Photoshop from Adobe and comes with numerous professional editing functions for images and photos. Here we learn the ways to install GIMP on Rocky Linux or AlmaLinux 8.

The selection and assembly technique is solid. The program offers all selection tools. The retouching functions and contrast correction also meet high demands. In just a few steps, you can crop images, free up sections or undo changes. To carry out complex edits, you can create layers in the GIMP on which you can work separately.

Getting quick screenshots or retouching and editing photos, graphics, and images for the Internet – all of this is possible with the GIMP. The program offers all selection tools.

Just like photoshop, the user can use retouching functions and contrast correction to meet high demands, and even Photoshop PSD files with layers can be easily opened by the GIMP.

However, the handling of the GIMP will be a little bit unfriendly to those who are already Photoshop users but will get used to it in a short time. The free PSPI extension enables plug-ins in 8BF format to be used under GIMP.

Command to install GIMP on AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux 8

You must have a user account with sudo rights to install any software on Rocky or AlmaLinux including this Image editor GIMP.

1. Run system update

Let’s first run the system update command to ensure all the packages are up to date and also refresh the system repository cache.

sudo dnf update


2. Command to install GIMP

We don’t need to add any third-party repository on AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux 8 because the packages available to install it are available in AppStream and BaseOS repos.  Hence, simply use the DNF package manager to download and install the GIMP raster graphics editor.

dnf install gimp

Gimp installation Almalinux or Rocky Linux 8


3. Run GIMP on AlmaLinux or RockyLinux 8

Once the installation is completed, go to the Application launcher and search for the GIMP. As its icon appears, click to run the same.

GIMP DNF installation command Install GIMP on AlmaLinux or RockyLinux 8


4. Uninstallation (optional)

Those who are not interested in GIMP after some can remove it completely from their Linux system, again using the DNF package manager. Here is the command to do the same:

sudo dnf remove gimp


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