How to install Blueman on Linux Mint or Ubuntu 20.04

What is Blueman?

Blueman is an alternative Bluetooth manager to system default that relies on GTK and can be expanded using plugins. In addition to “normal” data transmission (sending / receiving/searching) using OBEX, Blueman also features “Dial-up Networking” (DUN) or Personal Area Networking (PAN). Furthermore, Blueman can be used as an interface for input and output devices such as a Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, or headset.

Key Features  

  • Use a cellular network ( 3G / EDGE / GPRS ) via DUN
  • Create local Bluetooth networks (= PAN / NAP / PAND )
  • /dev/rfcommBind services to ports
  • Connect and use Bluetooth headsets
  • Save Bluetooth devices as favorites
  • Show all visible (accessible) devices
  • Display information about local and remote (already known) devices
  • Search, fill and delete cell phone memory (internal and expandable)
  • Receive files via Bluetooth
  • Define a shared folder for file sharing via OBEX / FTP
  • Remote control computer / use a mobile phone as a remote control


1. Run System Update

Use the APT package manager and run the system update command that will not only fetch and install the latest packages required by the already installed programs but also refresh the system repo.

sudo apt update


2. Install Blueman on Linux Mint or Ubuntu

The packages to install Blueman Bluetooth manager are already available in the official repository of Ubuntu, thus we just need to use APT to get and set them up.

sudo apt install blueman
sudo apt install bluez bluez-obexd


3. Open Bluetooth Manager

Go to Application launcher and search for Bluetooth this will give you the icon of the application, click it to run.

Open Bluetooth Manager


4. Search and Pair Device

Click on the Search icon of the Blueman and search the nearby Bluetooth devices, soon all the devices will appear on the screen. Select the one you want to pair and follow the steps. First, accept the Keypair on the Desktop and then on a smartphone to pair successfully.

Blueman Install Linux mint and Ubuntu 20.04


5. Send and receive files via Blueman

To send files to a mobile phone click on “Send file” given in the menu, or to integrate the mobile phone directly into the respective file manager using OBEX / FTP. In the latter case, the mobile phone is integrated directly as removable storage (will not work with all phones).


6. Set up NAP / DUN

The “NMPANSupport” plug-in works without any further changes. And the same for DUN that allows the internet connection from the cell phone to work directly on Linux via Bluetooth and NetworkManager.

Right-Click on the connect mobile device via Bluetooth and select Serial ports → Dial-up Networking”. The setup then runs almost automatically. After confirmation on the mobile phone to allow the use. However, make sure from the DUN settings you have used the right APN.

Blueman Dial up connection



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