How to give macOS like look to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Although Ubuntu 20.04 LTS default interface is not that much attractive, we have options like KDE Plasms to get an eye-soothing desktop on it. Still, if you are a fan of the macOS interface then we can customize the default look of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to get a mac OS X-like interface. Here are the steps to follow…

Open Command Terminal

You can use Ctrl+Alt+T to open the command terminal on Ubuntu Linux. And then run the system update command-

sudo apt update

Install Gnome Tweaks

Gnome Tweaks is an essential application to customized themes, fonts, and other elements on Gnome running Desktop Linux such as Ubuntu. It is available to install from the official repo using the below command-

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks


Create Themes folder

There will be no themes folder by default in your user directory, thus, create a one using the below command-

mkdir ~/.themes


Download WhiteSur GTK Theme & icon

There are lots of themes available to customize the Ubuntu Gnome interface, here we are using WhiteSur available on GitHub.

sudo apt install git

clone theme source

cd ~/.themes
git clone
git clone


Install Icons

cd WhiteSur-icon-theme


Install theme color

There are multiple accent colors including system-wide dark and light color themes are available to install using WhiteSur-gtk-theme.

cd ~/.themes/WhiteSur-gtk-theme

Install Theme color

./ -c dark -c light

For accent colors such as red, orange, and others, you use the command.

./ -t color-name


./ -t green

or install all accent colors-

./ -t all


Apply new theme & Icons to Ubuntu

Go to All application launcher in Ubuntu and search for Tweaks which we have installed at the beginning of this article. In Gnome Tweaks, select Appearance, and from the Theme (Applications) drop-down box select the installed “White-Sur” theme- Dark or Light as per your choice.

After that from Icons, select Whitesur Dark or Light.

Change Ubuntu Theme


Change GNOME Shell ‘Activities’ icon (optional)

By default, on Ubuntu, there is “Activities” text on the left top side, it will automatically get replaced by Apple’s icon as we apply the theme. However, in case you want to use some other Linux logo such as Ubuntu, Debian, or any other, use any of the below-given commands accordingly.

Change Activities Gnome Shell icon

To get the Fedora logo as an icon

./ -i fedora


./ -i manjaro

In the same way for others-

./ -i ubuntu
./ -i arch
./ -i debian
./ -i gnome
./ -i simple
./ -i void


Change Dock positon

Install Dash theme

./ -d -c dark

Now, go to Ubuntu Settings, and under Appearance select Bottom position for the Dock.

Chnage Ubuntu Dash dock position

If you want to replace Ubuntu Dash with MacOS like Doc, then “install Dash to Dock”.


Install GDM theme to change the Login screen

To get Blur wallpaper and glossy login interface, run

This will change the theme

sudo ./ -d -c dark


sudo ./ -d -c light

To apply some wallpaper-

sudo ./ -g -b "replace-with-path-of-your-picture.jpg"


To select default background for login screen-

sudo ./ -g -b blank

Custom wallpaper for Ubuntu Login screen

Finally, apply your favorite wallpaper or download the one used by the developer of this theme, available on GitHUB.

Restart your system…..

Final Look of macOS like on Ubuntu 20.04

Once the steps are completed, you will get something like shown in the below screenshot. You can look for other themes available to install on Ubuntu from the same developer on the GitHub page.

Install macOS theme on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Desktop or PC Linux

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