Simple way to Install Tor Browser in Rocky Linux 8

Install Tor Browser in Rocky Linux 8

Secure your privacy while surfing online by installing Tor browser on Rocky Linux 8 RPM-based Linux using command terminal. When it comes to accessing the notorious dark web standard browsers are not safe without any third-party technology. Well, in such situations the Tor browser is …

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How To Migrate from AlmaLinux 8 To Rocky Linux 8

Convert Almalinux to Rocky Linux 8

Learn the commands to convert Almalinux into Rocky Linux server or desktop using the terminal with the help of an official script. With the announcement of RedHat that it is dropping the long-term support in CentOS 8, other developers came with their own similar Linux …

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How To Install MySQL Workbench on AlmaLinux | Rocky Linux 8

Install MySQL Workbench on Almalinux 8 Rocky Linux 8

Learn the steps to install MySQL Workbench software on Rocky Linux or AlmaLinux 8 using the terminal to manage MySQL database via the graphical user interface. MySQL Workbench is a graphical modeling tool and development system for MySQL databases. Managing and modeling multiple databases is …

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2 ways to Install Unrar on Rocky Linux | AlmaLinux 8

Install Unrar AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux 8

Learn the commands to install Unrar tool on AlmaLinux 8 and Rocky Linux 8 to uncompress or compress RAR archive format files using the terminal. Packing files into archives and reducing their size using compression algorithms is a common operation in the data processing. A …

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How to Install OpenStackClient in Rocky Linux | AlmaLinux 8

Install OpenStack Client on Rocky or AlmaLinux 8

OpenStack Client (aka OSC) is an open-source tool developed by the OpenStack community to provide a set of command-line tools. That will help the users to manage various elements of OpenStack such as Computing, Identity, Image, Object Storage, and Block Storage APIs together in a …

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How to Disable or Turn Off SELinux on Rocky Linux 8

Disabled SELinux temporary Rocky Linux

Let’s run a few commands to disable or turn off the SELinux on Rocky Linux 8 using the command terminal. SELinux is now the standard in the Linux environment when it comes to the use of mandatory access control. Initially, the system had a reputation …

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