How to start Docker Container automatically on Boot in Linux

Start Enable Docker Container Service

Containerization is not a new technology anymore, millions of apps using it and in this, Docker has played quite an essential role in providing a platform for managing and deploying Conatiner-based applications. Developers can use Docker to create custom application images with all dependencies required …

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How to install AWS Toolkit on Linux for IntelliJ IDEA

Insstall AWS Toolkit for IntelliJ IDEA

AWS ToolKit is a set of Tools offered by Amazon Web services that allows developers to interact with its various services from their development environments. For example, we can integrate AWS Toolkit in popular IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA, VSCode, or PyCharm. This helps developers …

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How to start XAMPP in Ubuntu using the command line?

Start XAMPP GUI using Command in Ubuntu

XAMPP is a local server environment that is useful for developers or anyone who want to test some web application locally, either to develop further or experience it before using it in production. It offers a complete LAMP stack that includes Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Perl. …

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Installing GStreamer on Ubuntu 22.04 or 20.04 LTS Linux

GStreamer example on Ubuntu

GStreamer is a framework for developers dealing in multimedia applications. Because this framework helps in creating multimedia apps and pipelines for audio and video processing. So, if you want to try it, then in this article we discuss the steps for installing GStreamer on Ubuntu systems. …

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How to Install eksctl CLI tool on Ubuntu Linux

Install eksctl CLI tool on Ubuntu Linux

eksctl is a command line tool offered by Amazon for creating and managing Kubernetes clusters on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). Using eksctl, users can easily deploy and scale containerized applications on AWS without the need for extensive manual configuration. Learn the steps to install …

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2 Ways to Remove Ubuntu Software Center Packages

Remove the Package from Ubuntu Software Center

The Ubuntu Software Center provides a graphical user interface to easily install and manage various software packages. However, if you have some unwanted or unnecessary software and you would want to remove them then in this tutorial, we show the steps to uninstall packages from …

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EasyGUI Python library Installation on Ubuntu with example

Install and use EasyGUI for Python on Ubuntu Linux

EasyGUI is another library of Python that helps the developer to create simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) windows and dialogs with ease. It offers an intuitive and straightforward way to create interactive applications without complex code. So, here in this article, we learn the steps …

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